Communication Chapter 3

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After reading Chapter 3 in our textbook, it brought light to some thoughts I have already been pondering as a future social worker. The text talks about the importance of a social workers language and communication. First, the text says that communication is essential between the social worker and client to maintain a positive relationship. I can’t stress enough to myself how important that is to remember. I see so much miscommunication and lack of communication in the world today, that it frustrates me. If people could just communicate in a respectful manner it would eliminate many problems. The text also says that social workers should communicate in a way that demonstrates positive expectations and behaviors that will empower the …show more content…

The text said regardless of anything else words and silence means everything. As a future social worker, it is vitally important for me to remember that my client is coming to me in a vulnerable position. My words need to be uplifting and encouraging. I don’t need to come across as tired, burnt out, or like I am not actively listening. The reading also notes on paralinguistic cues and posture. These two things can indicate to a client that you are disinterested and send them negative message. It is also important for me to remember when I am in my own interviews for potential jobs and in the professional workplace that having poor posture and using phrases like “um” and “k” and “uh huh” is not professional behavior. The next topic that the reading hits on that really resonates with me is acceptance. The reading says it is important for people to feel validated and understood from their perspective. I think as a future social worker, I can validate someone and try my best to see things from their perspective then that will strengthen the client. The client won’t feel so alone and like they are the only one who is struggling with a particular issue. Accepting the client for the situation they are in being nonjudgmental is also extremely

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