Communication In Health And Social Care Essay

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1.1 Identify the different reasons people communicate • To express wants/needs • Being social with peers • Asking questions • To express emotions and feelings 1.2 Explain how communication affects relationships in a work setting Communication is vital in a care setting, it can affect all aspects of care. In particular, communication can affect the relationships with service users and other colleagues. When effectively communicating with colleagues, managers or health professionals, will ensure that ideas and opinions are understood. In a care setting, it is a requirement to use teamwork and communicate effectively. This will reduce the number of mistakes made so service users can be kept safe. Having effective communication with families …show more content…

For example, being referred by a health professional. If the individual is detained under the mental health act, they may need advocacy services. Or, if an individual is in a care setting and has no friends or family, they may need advocacy services. It is important to know that advocates should only be used for people that do not have capacity. An individual that can express their own needs may not need an advocate. Many different organisations provide advocacy services for all different types of individuals. For example, some may advocate for people with special needs. Another example may be mental health or particular situations such as housing problems. 4.1- Explain the meaning of the term confidentiality Using confidentiality is part of your duty of care as a support worker. Under confidentiality, you should not share any information about other service users in your care unless necessary. As a support worker, you also have a legal obligation to yourself and who you work for to make sure that all information about service users cannot be seen by anyone

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