Importance Of Confidentiality In Counselling

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Within this essay, I will be describing how the helping relationship is initiated by covering ethical concerns, boundaries of the relationships, equal opportunities and confidentiality. I will also be explaining how relationship is developed.

In counselling, the client and the counsellor both work together in order to help the client. When entering into a counselling relationship, it is vital that the counsellor opens him or herself into an empathic experience, of the hopes, fears and doubts of the client. The counsellor also brings to the service, an empathic, non judgemental understanding and a professional approach to the service. The counselor has an ethical responsibility to strive to reduce any harm caused to a client through a empathic …show more content…

It is important for them to put their thoughts aside and place themselves in their client’s feelings and remain empathic. Any individual who are struggling to cope, are all authorized to contact counselling services. As counsellors they have to uphold equal opportunities as they are there to help clients think differently. The importance of confidentiality within counselling is extremely valuable as every individual has the right to say how their information can be accessed. Before starting a counselling session, counsellors agree not to disclose any information with anyone. They do this by receiving informed and signed consent from themselves and the client. Within this consent, will be the aim of not sharing information with any person and moreover, the client and the counsellor to contain a formal understanding of one another. Confidentiality undermines the public trust of the profession. As when professionals conduct confidentiality, they are demonstrating the virtues of integrity, trust and respect towards the …show more content…

Counselling skills are initiated in order to help the person to talk, making sense of their situation, developing these ideas about what the counsellor can do, and out these ideas into action. Individuals think, feel and react in different ways. By integrating different ways of helping people bring change in their lives, a counsellor can work with each client to produce a unique therapy adapted to suit what that client wants, and

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