The Importance Of Research In Counseling

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Research in Counseling The purpose of this paper is to know the importance of research in the field of counseling. Address the importance relationship between research and counseling. This paper will also discuss the importance roles and responsibilities of research in the field of counseling. It is important to be aware of the ethical and legal consideration when working with clients. Research is vital in the field of counseling because it provides with proper data on the impact and effectiveness of counseling. Duffy and Chenail (2008) indicated, that quantitative research has helped counselor in the filed because it provides with values and dominated research can prove that treatment can be effective. Therefore, there has been studies prove…show more content…
Berrios and Lucca (2006) indicated, in their study that quantitative research is not new in the field of counseling. It has been demonstrated in counseling setting is has help counselor with various treatment and provides treatment with a positive outcome. Therefore, the relationship has increased as there a numerous researched done in counseling that has helped with the client treatment. Some cases the counselor must support their counseling session with an evidence-based practice to show that counseling made an impacted in the client’s life. According to Lecture 1 Evidence- based practice is a clinical modality that can be used for therapy to prove with research that counseling is effective by providing measures and outcomes. So, by conducting a research the counselor is able to prove the treatment is effective. The counselor is also able to see if the interventions and outcome is proper to used to demonstrate their work towards the benefit of the…show more content…
Duffy and Chenail (2008) stated when using a research approach in counseling, the counselor needs to make sure they understand the value and the purpose of the research study. The research needs to be appropriate to the client needs. Therefore, the counselor should be aware of the role and the responsibilities when using research for their client that they might not be any biases or cultural sensitive towards the client, if the counselor does not feel comfortable using the research the counselor can also reference “The Code of Ethics of the American Counseling Association”. Sherpis and Daniels (2017) specified when a counselor is conducting a research study or using a research they should consider the dignity and welfare of the client. The counselor needs to make sure to respect clients at all times. For that reason, the counselor should refer to the code of ethics for additional support. The counselor should have ethical and legal considerations when using research in counseling it is for the protection of the client. It is important to know what the population the counselor will be working to see if the research will be effective if there will be any barriers for the client. The responsibility of the counselor is to collect the proper pre and post-test of the client to show a difference when they first started therapy when they finished. It is also important to
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