Reflective Reflection In Counselling

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Over the past one and half month, the class of PDE 502 (Counselling and Career Education) has taught me some major lessons for life in dealing with the clients in response to their emotional needs. The role of a counsellor is not unlike that of a friend where by it is nurtured by being in each other’s company, talking over everyday issues and sharing feelings. However, what sets a counsellor apart is their experience and the ability to apply counselling theories and techniques to assist people in gaining awareness, insight and explore ways of solving their own issues. The purpose of this reflection is to reflect upon the use of counselling skills, which I have applied in the role-play with the goal of establishing healthy rapport building. …show more content…

I was given two minutes to terminate the session, which I haven’t utilized properly as I ended before the given time. The setting of me being as a counsellor and the tutor watching the session is one of the factor that have added to my less abled articulations owing to the failure of harnessing nervous energy. After my role play I felt much relieved and happy when my tutor pointed out some of the positive and negative aspects of the entire session with the client. Through the role play, I am better convinced that counselling is not an easy job in which counsellor has to deal with the diverse issues from the clients of diverse cultural backgrounds. I believe, given time and more exposure to clients, my skills would become better and I’d also be able to make progress in areas I have identified for improvement, while maintaining a grip on my current strengths. Overall, I feel satisfied that I have made an effective use of basic counselling micro skills to establish a therapeutic relationship with my

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