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End of Semester Reflection 1 what they learned and how their approach to clients has evolved during the semester One thing I learned over the semester was how to relax in session. When I first started seeing clients I was so anxious that it was hard for me to keep my head in the moment and to give the client my attention. I was also so focused on getting through all of the intake questions that I failed to slow down and connect with my client. Although I was already aware of this common mistake, it was still very hard to resist. I was able to gather a vast amount of information about the client in the intake which impressed the therapists in my group supervision, but did nothing to make the client comfortable with me or with the therapeutic …show more content…

Starting on my third client, I was able to do the intake in a conversational manner which also helped start the therapeutic alliance. I also would stop with intake questions after 40 minutes whether I had finished or not so that I could address their comments and concerns. Additionally, if the client and I both had a diagnosis in mind I would take the time to talk about the treatment method and give information on treatability of the problem especially for depression and anxiety. Beyond just the intake, my therapeutic approach also changed over the semester in the same manner. When I saw clients, I was very intent on using the evidence based practices from my treatment manual. I would do a short check in and then get straight into the session plan. I learned quickly by body language and the clients responses that some clients prefer less of a cognitive behavioral approach and more of a humanistic …show more content…

When I ask for a consultation or feedback about a case I am honestly looking for good information that I can use and apply to my cases. I see myself as being open to different methods and trying new techniques as I grow and develop as a trainee. A weakness as a developing therapist is my lack of experience with diverse clients. I have yet to do many therapy sessions with adults, and I feel I should gain experience with these clients while I am a trainee. Although I am becoming strong in TCIT, I lack experience in behavioral and cognitive change in adults. I feel that in the coming semester I should push for more types of clients to gain as much experience as possible. Another weakness is my ability

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