Why Is Writing Important To You Essay

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How often do you sit down and take the time to write? A lot? Almost never? You might be saying close to never and telling yourself there 's no need to be writing on a daily basis. However, that may be the case because you haven 't taken a deep look into all the reasons for why writing is so essential. Writing can help you in life through ways you never thought possible. Once you find out the importance of writing it might make you think twice about learning good writing skills. Knowing how to write well is a crucial skill to have, and I hope that everyone can take the time to learn some. Writing, in my opinion can be very therapeutic. Personally, I know that I use writing as a way to express myself, along with my thoughts. These past few years I have struggled with anxiety, depression and nightmares. For me this is when writing became so important. I keep a journal on the side of my bed at all times. In this journal I write down not only what worries me, but also any dreams that wake me up in the middle of the night. Writing and journaling is common advice for therapists to give out to their …show more content…

If you plan to enter the professional world, writing is just one mastery that you will need. Resumes, one important reason for why writing is such an important skill to have if entering the professional world. In the article Writing Essays at College: Why It’s Important it states that “A well-written resume, even if the applicant’s experience is limited, has the ability to convey their intelligence and potential to employers”. This stresses the importance of knowing how to write - and write well. If you turn in a resume with grammar mistakes or simple capitalization mistakes the employer will quickly move on to the next candidate. It’s superlative that you are able to pick out these tiny errors and rectify them. This proves why it is so important to better increase the level of your

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