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  • Paper: The History Of Paper And The Papermaking Process

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    The word "paper" is derived from the Greek word(Latin), the word for the papyrus plant. Paper is a thin material produced by pressing together moist fibers simply in a sheet form, typically cellulose pulp made from wood, rags or grasses, and drying them into flexible sheets. Paper is a versatile material with many uses, the most common is for writing and printing, it is also widely used as a packaging material, in many cleaning products, in a number of industrial applications. Paper, and the pulp

  • Reflection Paper

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    When Ms. Alison announced that we will have a speech to do on the 14th of February I felt worried as I was not a big fan of speaking in front of people. She explained how the speech will be about historical events that happened on the day we were born in. The subject of the speech was easy but the thought of standing in front of people and talking about it was hard, at least for me it was. The next couple of classes were spent in the robotics lab to prepare for our speech and search for events

  • Journalism Reflection Papers

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    words) By taking Journalism, I hope to gain a better understanding of how a newspaper runs and the various aspects that go into creating each issue. I find every part of the paper interesting, including reporting, writing articles, editing, photography, formatting the layout, and business management, and how producing the paper draws such different disciplines together. Many elective classes offered isolate and focus on one or two of these skills, but their combination is important in bringing a newspaper

  • Reflection Paper On Literacy

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    had reached to my fifth page and I was already writing my conclusion. I could not write anymore. I have expanded on every point possible. I did not realize that at five pages, my entire paper was single spaced. When I then double spaced my paper, to meet the MLA standard, I ran into the opposite problem. Now, my paper was at nine pages, two pages too long. I went to my teacher Miss Crowther and explained my situation. She said that it was okay that I had extra pages. I was overjoyed, because I worked

  • Recycling Of Paper Recycling

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    Handmade Paper Recycling We can recycle some types of papers handmade using the help of group of people using simple ways, clarified in the following stages: Collecting Papers from household and commercial premises. Cut the papers into thin slices and homogeneous parts then put them in water. Then Mix the wet papers with mixer machine and then put this mixture in flat special molds and dry it. You will Get a paper shape in this molds. Remove the outer frame of the mold. The paper contains a large

  • Importance Of Paper Books

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    the emergence of the Kindle, Nook, iBook and other forms of electronic reading, paper books have remained a staple in our society. Everyone has their own reading preference; however, books have and will continue to play a vital role in the modern world. Although the rise of technology has certainly made paper books more obsolete, due to their physical value, accessibility, and historical and educational worth, paper books will remain a timeless staple in our education and everyday lives. In many

  • Example Of Reflection Papers

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    When I am trying to get ideas together for writing a paper, it all depends on the type of paper it is. If it’s a narrative paper, I will just sit down and start writing because there really isn’t anything to research. If it is a more complex paper, then I tend to look up some more information about the topic to learn more about what I am about to write. I don’t have a lot of examples in my portfolio contributing to how I gather up ideas for my paper. I tend to just sit down and open up my laptop and

  • English Reflection Paper

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    that English course do. To be honest in most all my classes I did read, discuss, and write papers; however, quickly I find out that there was so much more learn to it. I feel that is going to be my specific experience I had while at Houston Commute College, I see that is really shows how integrated is to learn. I never give up even that my language is Spanish. So Instead of complaining I decide to write a paper for one of my final essay. For my (ENGL 1302) I decided to write this essay because I believe

  • Reflection Paper On Reflection

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    writing restrained and suppressed the cleverness and inventiveness of story-telling. I pondered the question, “Is it possible for me to write a proper essay that can satisfy my inner story-teller and fulfill all the requirements of a college level paper. Immediately, my unease was addressed with our class’s opening assignment a reflection essay that requested me to write about what I thought were the weaknesses and strengths of my writing abilities . In addition, I was asked to discuss my personal

  • Reflection Paper On Reflective Writing

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    this course, several of the assignments tested my analysis skills as well as my reasoning skills. I challenged myself by choosing subjects that required an immense amount of research and consideration while also thinking of how I could set up the paper. I learned how to apply different methods of writing styles into my own work and make connections between each of the points I utilized. Furthermore,

  • Reflection Paper Of Poetry To Me

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    172173 BS ME MLA Reflection Paper #1 “What is Poetry to Me?” What I think of poetry before was a bunch of cryptic and hard to understand complicated words, lines, and sentences that are just randomly put together. During high school, I try to avoid being called to recite the poem out loud, because it didn’t understand it and probably just read it monotonously without feelings and emotions. I admit I didn’t like poems, because for me they are really hard to analyze and I couldn’t guess what it is

  • Reflection Paper On Occupational Therapy

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    In this paper, I will be reflecting on my first year as an Occupational therapy student at the University of The Witwatersrand. While reflecting, I have come to realise that my viewpoint and understanding of the profession of Occupational Therapy and the importance of occupation to Occupational Therapy have developed substantially throughout this year. In my opinion, my previous understanding of OT and occupations in OT was very basic and shallow compared to what I understand of this topic currently

  • Reflection Paper On Future Me

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    of doing the best I could do because all I believed was I could not do it like the other person. Cynthia, it has been a great experience in your class. I am an English major and I got to understand more of what can be used in a convincing argument paper in your

  • Reflection Paper On Prepositions

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    When I started working on prepositions, I could not keep up my spirit from the beginning to the end. You know why: because it seems to be a dry subject among all other subjects, where language or literature is concerned. Sometimes I was up in spirit sometimes down in enthusiasm. When I took the preposition ‘off’, my mind was off. I thought of putting a full stop to my efforts at times. Throughout my life, I had seen hardships, but I could put only a semicolon to my efforts. I had a question, and

  • Reflection Paper On Dumpster Diving

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    Reflection Essay When looking at the essays to choose from this week, the three that caught my eye were Graduation by Maya Angelou, On Keeping a Notebook by Joan Didion, and On Dumpster Diving by Lars Eighner. I chose Graduation because I felt I could relate to the author on this topic. The emotions one goes through when graduating to the next step can be powerful and unforgettable. I chose On Keeping a Notebook because, again, I felt like I could relate to this article. I am an avid notebook keeper

  • Reflection Paper On Preparation Of A Speech

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    In the preparation of the speech, I spent a lot of time doing research and looking at different book on Osaka, Japan. I looked at a lot of different websites and other sources, and I made a whole bunch of notes and then worked them into my speech. In working on the speech I gathered a lot of information which I didn’t use and that was not helpful to my speech. One thing I did in my preparation of my speech, which I should not do again, was I made a rough draft of my speech and then I had a final

  • Science Fair Reflection Paper

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    My reflection paper will reflect on the steps I completed to conduct my 2017-2018 science fair project. To begin, I came up with my project idea by first looking at the examples provided from the science fair manual, then I narrowed down to three ideas I really liked. Once I had those three ideas I believed I could work with, the only difficulty I had was choosing which one seemed to be the most interesting and had the most research. I eventually decided on an experiment that tested which colored

  • Reflection Paper About Climate Change

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    change and the environment closely relate,a dn are ones that I am really passionate on helping. This class shared a lot of facts on the environment and climate change that I had not known before. Learning about these has changed me. I do not really use paper products anymore, I use reusable dishes. I also stopped purchasing water bottles, and I use my Nalgene water bottle more religiously. Also, before coming to college I never really recycled. Now, I do my best to sort my trash and dispose of thing properly

  • Reaction Paper About 9/11

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    "Your research paper needs some work, but 9/11 is an interesting topic." The quote as the event of my high school senior year was still stuck in my head as I look back to what I've got on my research paper about 9/11. If someone would tell me this a long time ago that when writing any essay, there are rules to follow in order to not repeat the same mistakes every time I attempt to make a rough draft. Consequently, It has been difficult for me to avoid grammar, spelling, and sentence structure errors

  • Azo Dyes Research Paper

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    Azo Dyes are the largest class of aromatic dyes having lots of commercial interest. These dyes are mostly used in textile industries. Dyes used in the textile industry are difficult to remove by conventional waste water treatment methods since they are stable to light and oxidizing agents and are resistant to aerobic digestion. These dyes are carcinogenic both for animal and human beings. Biological treatment either by bacteria, fungi or consortia of both have been reported to reduce the toxicity