Advanced Composition Reflection Paper

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Over the course of this semester I have grown a lot as a writer. Advanced Composition has helped me to appreciate writing more than I have before. I used to think writing a paper was just pointless and a waste of time. However, I really enjoyed the work that I did this semester. As I reflected over the work I 've done in the last semester, I realized that I created one of my best pieces of work so far, my work has changed over time, and I learned about myself as a writer.
Looking back on my work over the semester in Advanced Composition I am very pleased with what I have written. I have liked everything that we have done this semester. The reason I think I enjoyed the work so much was because the writing was challenging and challenged me in ways I had not been before. I really had to think about the content that I was going to write. I also got to voice my own thoughts, which helped me appreciate what I was writing. This semester, I think I created my best work so far. I thought the best work that I did
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Even from Composition I to Advanced Composition, I feel that my work has became more complex. In Composition I, the writing was more general and broad. In Advanced Composition, the writing was more targeted to a specific point. The research paper that I did was centered specifically on how breastfeeding was beneficial for babies and the mothers. All of the work pertained and related back to that point. Another thing that I have seen change in my work over time is less grammatical errors. I really liked the use of peer review in Composition I and I have continued that even more throughout this semester in Advanced Composition. Before I turned in all of papers this semester, I had at least two peers look over my work and tell me things I could revise to make my paper better. I think that has helped tremendously in my work this
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