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Writing essays and other types of posts has always been difficult for me. But, throughout this composition class, I have learned many interesting and new things about the different types of writing styles. When starting this class, I considered myself to be an average writer with run-of-the-mill vocabulary, ordinary sentence structure and typical finished products. This class has helped me greatly improve my writing skills in a variety of ways. I have learned multiple things by taking this class, such as new ways to approach writing and that there is much that I still need to learn about composition.

There are many approaches to writing that, before taking this class, I had never even previously considered using. One such approach is the use of parallel structured sentences. Before the writing prompts in this class, I do not remember ever being taught about parallel structure or how to use it in an essay. Another new approach, that I have learned, is how to write the thesis statement before starting the rest of the paper. Normally when I would write a paper or essay, I would just start writing and see what would come to me. Though, because of
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While I do know some of the rules, due to my previous English teachers in school, there is still much that I do not know. But, through the course of this past semester I have learned a great deal about different and new rules. This class has taught me a great deal about writing and how to correctly write an essay. Writing is a system of many rules and is a way for people to express their creativity. This class has given me much room to express myself creatively and gain more knowledge. I believe that through this past semester, my writing knowledge, and writing ability has grown significantly. I hope to continue growing my knowledge about writing throughout the rest of my days in school and the rest of my

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