Reflection On Professor Shaw-Tillmon's Writing Class

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In Freshman Composition II with Professor Shaw-Tillmon, I have learned so much about how to become a writer. When it comes to reading and writing, I would prefer math or social studies because reading and writing have always been courses that somewhat struggled in. However, I enjoyed being in professor Shaw-Tillmon class, even though I was not very enthusiastic when it came to writing essays. I honestly do not remember if I ever wrote an argumentative essay in high school, so hearing ethos, pathos, and logos were something new to me. Professor Shaw-Tillmon’s writing class has taught me how to achieve many of the goals when it comes to writing papers, such as establishing satisfying critical thinking skills and using of ethos and logos appropriately;…show more content…
Using critical thinking in papers can include finding the most accurate information or explaining sentences and paragraphs so that the audience understands the writer’s point of view and what they are trying to convey. For example, in my first draft, “People in Poverty Not Eating Healthy in the U.S.,” the last topic, which talked about how if people living in poverty are not eating healthy, then they are more vulnerable to have different health problems was a well explained topic (Mack pg. 3). Not only was this topic a good point to mention, but Italian shows a cause and effect. If many people in poverty are not eating healthy, which is the effect, then the cause would be that they will end up having some type of health problem. This topic also explained how, who, and why the people living in poverty end up being diagnosed with health…show more content…
Logos were one the easiest literary device to use in this writing course. In the very first final draft essay I wrote, “Food Security Affecting Poverty,” I provided many different examples of establishing logos, such as stating how many people lived in poverty in the United States during 2015, which was approximately 43.1 million. Also, defining that Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is how many families in poverty buy their groceries also known as food stamps (Mack pg. 1). Furthermore, in “The Littering Must Stop,” final draft, I established a pie chart that displayed the most common items littered on a beach in San Diego, California (Mack pg. 2). Another example is in the final draft “Sex Education Steady Reducing the Consequences,” I provided definitions of safe sex and abstinence, also the different types of sexual transmitted diseases you could receive from unprotected sex (Mack pg. 2). Even though when I was writing many of these assignments I had no idea what logos meant; however, I did accomplish the skill of using logos
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