Rhetorical Analysis Of Not Going To College Is A Viable Option

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Lawrence B. Schlack author of ¨Not going to College is a Viable Option” article is persuasive for students entering college. Throughout the essay Mr. Schlack gives many examples to why it is very important for students to know what they want to do before making a lifelong choice. Doing this Lawrence B. Schlack uses ethos, pathos and logos to establish persuasion within the article. Overall the article, “Not Going to College is a Viable Option” is an article persuades readers to stop and think of the choices they’re going to make. To begin, Schlack supports his points by using ethos, pathos and logos throughout the article. Having used ethos, pathos and logos Schlack persuades readers that his points are responsible. Lawrence B. Schlack uses Ethos when starting a quote from a middle school student, “College is like your life. If you don’t go to college… you can’t live a successful life.”( paragraph 16) For example, Mr. Schlack uses this quote from a student to persuade the audience that this is what our school system has taught the next …show more content…

Throughout the article Schlack supports his reasoning with three main claims. One example of his claims is the section on honorable alternative. The author states, “College, however, is not always the logical next step for high school graduates.” (paragraph 6). This is example of a claim of value because some may view this differently. Lawrence B. Schlack uses another method called claim of fact. He uses this in the article when talking about Narrow Perspectives. The author says, “School leaders-particularly in suburban communities where the go-to-college push is most apparent-should be out in front on this issue.”(paragraph 14). This shows claim of fact because it is sought to be true but still causes controversy. This is then where Shacklock persuades readers that he is right. Having used claim of value and claim of fact is a strong way support Schlacks

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