Analysis Of Eve Tushnet's Essay 'You Can Go Home Again'

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You Can Go Home Again Analysis From pages 495 to 497 author Eve Tushnet wrote an essay titled “You Can Go Home Again.” This essay was about how it is okay to go home and live with one’s parents again if someone is older. First the essay brought up the opposition and what people think about when someone lives with their parents. The essay also brought forth different data and studies about older people that live at home. After that, the essay brought up good points about what living with one’s parents can do for them. The author used different elements of ethos, logos, pathos, and kairos to effectively communicate with the reader. Eve Tushnet the author of this essay does not have a whole lot of ethos. Eve is lacking credibility and character because she is not an established author. Eve is not a credible author because she is a freelance writer. Eve does not have good credibility because she blogs and contributes to an opinion magazine and website. The two places where she does most of her work is at and The Weekly Standard. Most people have never heard of or The Weekly Standard, therefore makes Eves credibility as an author not really qualified. Anyone can blog or write their opinion on a website and nothing about that is credible unless that person has built up credibility in more well-known established websites and magazines. Eve Tushnet may not have good credibility as an author, but she does use the appeal to logos well in her argument. She

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