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I came into my first college writing class feeling prepared thanks to you and your investment in me as a student in your AP Lang class. I developed as a writer more than I ever had in your class, and it definitely helped me in my college writing class this semester. I already knew how important it was to revise and continuously critically think about my writing, as well as the importance of multiple drafts and peer review. My English 110 class this semester was very similar to yours because we also did multiple drafts where I could revise my paper as many times as needed. The big difference was that the focus was on different genres and how to appeal to those, which was something new compared to my high school English courses. I found that …show more content…

The first thing that came to mind was definitely you’re class, where I grew to be a confident writer. In my class we read about the importance of “shitty first drafts” which I think helped take the pressure off writing an amazing paper from the get go. I learned how to write for the genre and tried to hone in on my audience for the paper. Once I had my first draft finished there was a peer review in class, which is helpful because not only do you get feedback from them, but you also get to read their papers, which can give you ideas on what you could do better. After that, I took their feedback, revised, and then turned it into my professor to get more feedback. Once I got my professor’s feedback, I then could revise as many times as I wanted. You are probably thinking this sounds a lot like what I did for your class. I realized once again after having your class, that revising my papers makes them much stronger. I was able to improve on the way I wrote for this genre through exploding the moment and setting the scene for my audience, which made it stand out more. I also had to do a revision memo and write about what I changed and why. I found this to be especially impactful because I was able to truly see how even small revisions positively affected my

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