Reflective Essay: How I Changed As A Writer

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How have I improved as a writer? I am thinking about my action plan as a writer have I improved, have I met the goals I set out to achieve on my first day of class, and what have I learned in this class? I will go over my time in this class and review the various topics I mentioned above and more. Looking back over my time in this class I will critique and praise myself. How I felt about writing when I first started this class compared to how I feel now, I would have to say I am more comfortable with writing. In this essay I will review how I have improved as a writer, my greatest challenges, and how has my writing changed from how it was at the start of class to now. Reflection is a powerful thing, I can still remember how it felt being asked to write an essay on my first day of class. I was so scared, would I be able to use correct punctuation and how bad will it affect my grade if I am not? I was so excited when the professor said it was just to see that we can write conformed sentences not to critique our grammar and punctuation. I knew I was bad at writing properly and if I had to worry about the punctuation I knew I would fail. It …show more content…

I do realize I have a lot to learn but anytime I write better than I did the essay before that is a success. So, to any future students if you are here every day and participate you will be successful this class is organized to make sure when you start writing the essays you are well prepared from all the invention techniques. I feel my style has broadened because every essay I write feels easier and more professional. My attitude about writing is better as well I am no longer afraid of writing an essay or communicating via email with another professor or some other professional resource. My attitude has changed so much thinking of a few goals for what I want to accomplish as I develop further as a writer was relatively

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