Personal Narrative: My Experience As A Writer

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I’ve come back to tell you more about my experiences as a writer this year. While some of my essays were rather. . . . well. . . bland, and unsuccessful for me, I feel as though i have come a long way from where i was in the beginning of the year. I think a big part of reaching my goals this year was taking the time to correct myself. The sound essay, to put it bluntly, holy crap was there an improvement. The original was a one-paged mess with absolutely zero point to it. I am very glad that I have had a teacher like you, while i have loved most of my english teachers in the past, they often turned out to be pretty simple people. One of my favorite things this year was having the opportunity to write about lord of the flies. Even though our frequent analysis writings, and discussion became less and less common toward the end of the year, i enjoyed the writings that we did do. For example, the socratic seminar that we had to answer …show more content…

Another part of this disappointment was the sheer fragility of the arguments made. Numerous times, I did not relate my arguement back to the thesis which laft it in the dust. I received some wonderful footnotes from you Mrs. Immediato, including: “how does this relate to Romeo and Juliet”, and “Good, but how does this relate to your argument”. The second time around re-writing and editing, i noticed much more that you could have been picky about, thanks for not crushing my self-esteem. My first body paragraph started with a 1st grade level transition. . . . . “first”. My conclusion was started with “given these points”, which apparently isn’t okay. As i was writing love at first sight 2.0, I still struggled with figuring out how to introduce the first body paragraph, but i was able to relate my argument to the thesis which is something I am proud

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