My Writing Class Analysis

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As each writing assignments is graded, I realize how much I have improved as a writer by the grade and the fewer mistakes that I have made in them. As each time the grammatical and spelling mistakes are fewer on each paper. I want to share how I have grown as a writer on second semester by being in class and reflecting on my previous assignments.
Even though there weren’t many writing assignments this semester. There were some assignments that I have done poorly on. For me as a writer the topic of the essay matters the most. I can’t motivate myself on a topic I don’t personally like, well I would just write something and get a grade which is still fine, can’t get everything I want in life. This semester there was only four writing assignments …show more content…

This time I have connected the paragraphs together. I had a better thesis statement. I had good topic sentences in each paragraph. The topic sentences were connected to the thesis. I had also used quotes better after using quotes I have cited them properly and explained the quote better.
The final paper which was due was the literary analysis paper. Which I think that I have put on the most effort into. I did the most research on this paper. What helped me the most with this paper is simply being in class. There was always some short lectures which helped me write the paper better. Those small things from those lectures helped me with the assignment.
If I were to say my weakest paper was the first short story analysis paper because it was all over places. No topic sentences was present in paragraphs. Nothing connected to thesis in some paragraphs. My best paper would be the literary research paper because I put in the most time and effort to it. I have came to class and did work. Did some work at home also which was the reason I turned it on time. Everything connects to the thesis statement and the topic sentences were present. There should be no errors. I proof read the essay to make sure there weren't

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