Examples Of Important Work

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The unit that we finished is called “ Small World, Isn’t it “. This unit is about answering the question: How long will it take before we are all “squished up” against one another? The answer to this question assumes that each person would have 1 square foot to call his or her own. We were given a table with populations of different years that are estimated. We chose 2 random points from the table and had to find what was the population between these two years.When we found the difference of the population between the two years, we were doing slope. Slope is an equation of a linear equation that can be written as Y= mx + b. Using this equation will be able to find “b”. I selected the assignment “ “p. As my example of Best Writing. I believe this was my best writing because that day I got a new pencil that i found in one of classes. This assignment was also my best writing because I understood the topic that were being taught to me. …show more content…

I believe that this assignment was important because this assignment that we were first getting use to slopes and I can look back to this assignment and understand how to do slopes if I forget how to do slopes. I also selected the assignment “To The Rescue”p.413 as my example of Important Work. I believe that this assignment was important because the class was working together to understand derivatives. This assignment took a long time to finish, but I understood the topic at the end of the class because the class was working together and the teacher was also teaching the topic in a way that I can

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