English 102 Reflection

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English 102 Reflection During the course of English 102, I took this year of the spring semester. I have accomplished a variety of goals I once thought were impossible. I have not only grown as a writer and a student but as an individual as well. I feel that through my experience of this English course, I have achieved knowledge and self-confidence to step out into the real world. In putting together my portfolio, I could definitely see that I have made an incredible progress from the foundation of this class. My practice of grammar, words and the general structure of my papers has improved massively. Reflecting on my strengths and weaknesses as a writer, as well as things I have learned in my own writing process is a big accomplishment. This spring semester, I supposed all my writings had both several strengths and weaknesses. I found that one of my strengths was how I was easily able to …show more content…

Dr. lmre incorporated many different activities that assisted me to progress in my writing style and process. Peer reviews were something that I felt was very helpful. I also believed that having the group conferences with Dr. Imre really helped me on building the necessary revisions for my papers. My overall experience in this class was unbelievably helpful and now I feel that I can write any paper without a problem. In my future, I hope to continue the skills I have acquired during this English class. I think that they will be very obliging to me, nevertheless of what I am trying to achieve. In this course, I was encountered with deadlines, instructions, and assignments that I could not work around. I found that all of these responsibilities have made me comprehend that I could definitely take the next step forward in life. Each experience has made me continue to grow and constantly learning something new. I have truly enjoyed this English class and know what I have learned will be tremendously

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