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English 102 so far has been interesting for an 8:30am class; I did not expect to be so awake for a class so early. Professor Denton makes the class attention grabbing, something few professors I have had, had been able to accomplish well or at all. However, I do not particularly like the portfolio grading style enforced by the English department; it leaves too much in the wind. Professor Denton removes the feeling of not knowing how well you are doing until the very end, by giving us suggestions for revisions and a letter grade to go along with the paper. This is extremely convenient, because it does not leave your paper or your grade up to speculation. So far, we have completed an editorial and evaluation papers. I liked the editorial paper …show more content…

It may be beneficial for the class if Denton discusses further, how to properly format a paper in MLA. Professor Denton mentioned that she does not circle people’s comma usage since she is not the best at it, as horrible as it sounds, that is beneficial to me. I am not the best when it comes to comma usage, so her saying that she does not care about how we use commas as long as they are not used in ridiculous …show more content…

I would like to learn more about word usage because I tend to have difficulties determining where certain words should be used and not be used. I think a lesson on word usage can be beneficial to much of the class, since we were given a piece of paper with a list of what not to use. The comments Professor Denton leaves are extremely helpful for revisions; however, it takes a bit of effort to decipher what some of the suggestions say. If possible, it might be more convenient if they were written a bit more clearly. Additionally, the flexibility in Professor Denton’s schedule is very opportunistic since it gives everyone the ability to have a full discussion and not just a three-minute session. Many professors have time gaps but are not willing to use those gaps for students and instead have minimal amount of office hours, which are difficult for some students to attend. Overall, English 102 has gone better than I had expected it to, although, I will not ever be scheduling an 8:30am class again. It is too early to be

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