English Class Reflection Essay

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My journey in this English 3001 course during the past ten weeks, and over the course of taking is English class I have grown and learned more that I thought it is necessary for me to know as a student. I have improved in my overall writing skills because if you look at my second in-class essay and the rest of my essay you will see that I have made progress and improvement compare to my diagnostic essay and the first in-class essay. Moreover, now that I have completed the English course my skills are better that I am capable to meet the university standard writing requirements. This English course additionally taught me how powerful the composed word and language can be. This quarter my ability to compose essays and express my thoughts, ideas, …show more content…

Each essay I wrote took me several time to write, several drafts which show that I have improve every time I do the drafts to write a perfect masterpiece. I learned a lot of skills and techniques this quarter, which has helped me to improve and progress my writing skills for the future. I will remember the skills, techniques, and tips that professor gave us in this English class for my higher education. For example, all the time that I went to visit professor Sapozhnikov office hours to receive help on my out-of -class essays has helped me to improve, grow, and progress in my writing skills as a writer. Some of the significant changes I have made as I was progressing and growing were to develop a strong thesis to help support my claims as I write my essays, such as facts, observations, illustration, and examples. There are other areas in my writing that I have improved on. I have improved on my grammar, verb constructions, use of verb tenses and organizational skills to make my writing flow better when reading. My overall progress in completing this ten weeks course was wonderful. Every steps and skills I learned in this English class will help me to improve on my writing skills in my other classes and will also help me in my future

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