A Reflection Of My Experience In The English Class

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Thank you for giving me this chance to talk about my English class, it was very excited to be a part of English 101 this quarter. We act as a family in this class by helping each other in writing, discussions stories and responding to each other. To be honest, I worked very hard this quarter and I focused more on my English class rather than other classes I had taken in SFCC. Writing is something not easy when it comes to my mind, because I am an international student and it is a differencet from my writing style and English writing style, so I should separate between them. I would not say writing English assignment is very hard for me, but I mean I make some mistakes. We wrote four paper assignments this quarter, two of them about the story we read in class, one from a story and outside material and one about English 101 class at itself which is this paper. We must submit the rough draft before the due date of the assignment, which helps us to have clarification from our instructor and from a classmate. I am always improving after each paper I wrote, because I follow up with the comment I received, edit my paper then make an appointment with my instructor before I submit my final draft. These comments make me feel confident in the next paper. Writing in something that you can improve your knowledge and the way of thinking, comparing to my papers, I will discuss how I developed revisions strategies, learned proper citation, and how pre-writing can help improve my writing.

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