English 102 Reflective Essay

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English 102 through the Alabama Early College Program has taught me the importance of writing skills. When I first began online classes for English, I quickly started learning techniques that I needed to keep up throughout the semester. Each assignment and essay is due at midnight, therefore starting or finishing an assignment early allows the writer enough time to turn in the assignment. Throughout the five modules, I have learned how to write an argument and rhetorical analysis, conduct research and write an exploratory essay. In each module, I learned writing techniques and skills that I never knew before. English 102 has prepared me for future college classes and future job opportunities. During English 102, I struggled with rhetorical …show more content…

In the Rhetorical Analysis Essay Draft I stated, “Having two sides of an argument might make the reader unsure what the claim is in Jaffe and Mufson’s article,” my professor guided me to consider the level of language and the academic tone of the sentence. Using an academic tone for sentences or words will help make the essay sound more formal. In the Rhetorical Analysis Essay Draft I had written many sentences with “there is” and “there was” and my professor said to avoid the use of expletives, when possible. Expletive constructions create unnecessary wording and they create a “dummy” subject. I have learned through English 102 that a strong academic sentence needs to flow well and include a large vocabulary. In the Rhetorical Essay Draft, I used words focused on the past and my professor said use present tense when expressing general truths, when writing about literate and when quoting, summarizing, or paraphrasing an author’s view. I have learned that writing in the present tense will make the essay have a stronger academic tone. Each tip that my professor has given me helped me excel on each essay throughout English

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