Student Writing Style Analysis

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As we all grew up as children, we all were required to learn how to read and write. Many of us were taught these skills at various different schools around the country. Going from grade school to college out ability to read and write a paper properly has adapted and changed many times over the years. Most skills generally getting better. The author’s critical argument in this essay is that when a student is taught how to write an essay in school is different than what is needed. When it comes to writing a paper in college or for a job. The author’s viewpoint is that the papers that aren’t forced to be written for a school assignment tend to be more entertaining and exciting. The type of information that the author uses to support an argument is with examples of reasons why different writing environments have different outcomes. The ways surprises, disobedience and writing for yourself changes …show more content…

Due to that I have seen the difference between grade school, high school, and college writing skills. In grade school, children are being taught how the school and teachers want the papers to be written. According to that teachers particular writing style preferences. Thus, not fully allowing students to fully become creative and excited about wanting to do a particular writing assignment. While a student is in high school and in college most of the students have a set foundation of skills about writing styles. Along with how they interpret an assignment and how they will tackle it. In the end going from grade school to college, writing there are many chances for students to improve and their creativity and their personal writing styles. As time has gone on we all have had to adopt our set of skills. In high school and college, we learned that writing an essay has become a fun and creative way to express ourselves and our feelings. Thus, in the end, we would use these new skills at our future careers or just for the fun of

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