Reflective Essay On My Writing

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Not only did the class enrich my knowledge of performing and media arts along with Southern culture and history, it also gave me the opportunity to craft and develop my writing skills. Prior to taking this course, I did not know how to analyze piece from a performing and media arts aspects. After the commercial analysis and film review, I learned how to craft specific styles for certain types of writing. I believe that the expose to diverse styles of writing helped me grow as a writer because it allow me to apply past techniques and skills in new ways as well as learn different forms of writing. Furthermore, I think this course helped me become more aware and conscious of my writing. I became more knowledge of certain grammar and citation techniques and I learned to focus …show more content…

Back in high school, my writing mostly committed of timed exams and practice for International Baccalaureate exams so my grammar and organizing did not matter as much as the content and speed of my work. Therefore, I had to learn new types of writing techniques and become more careful and aware of my work. In some ways, I had to reinvent myself as a writer. The course made me analyze pieces and develop my own argument which is very different from content memorization that I did in high school. I think my growth is very evident in my final paper. I applied many of the new techniques and styles of writing that I learned into the rhetorical analysis aspect of my paper. My final paper is more analytic and focuses on my own arguments. I incorporated the new skills such as synthesizing my own argument through past examples into the essay. Furthermore, I was very careful with my work to eliminate grammatical and citation errors. In this course, I also learned how to efficiently utilize the research database and I was able to use it to enhance my

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