Reflective Essay: A Change In My Writing

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Over the this past semester in freshman composition I have learned how to write a college level paper. Going into this class, I was a little unsure and scared that I wasn’t going to be able to do the things that were required for me to do. As the semester passed I could definitely see a change in my writing. I learned how to use the appropriate punctuation, how to write and refute an argumentation paper, which I believe is my strongest piece of writing and how to research and gather information to write a strong research paper. I knew coming into this class that I was going to struggle with my punctuations, word choice, and the overall flow of the paper. In my portfolio you will see an array of my work and hopefully the progress I have made throughout each piece of writing. The first essay you will see is my first piece of writing I created for this class. As you will notice it was very brutal. I had a lot of dead words, grammar mistakes and punctuation mistakes. In this essay we had to discuss how reading and writing has influenced us in some way. I was have always been a big writer, so I mainly focused on the writing portion on this essay. Looking back at this paper I realized one of two things, one, I used a significantly large …show more content…

Before we could dive right in and just start writing our papers, we had to go through and make our own notes over what an argumentation paper is and the steps on how you create a successful argumentative paper. We were given a list of social topics and instructed to pick a topic that interests us the most. The topic I had chosen was the legalization of marijuana. I had chosen this topic, because I had a very strong opinion on it. I do believe this is the best piece of work I created throughout this semester just for the simple fact that I was passionate about it. The only thing that needed work on and could of been better was my thesis

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