Reflection On My Writing Process

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Throughout the term there has been many writing assignments —big or small— that helped reflect my writing process or the process itself. In the beginning of the course I felt like I was an “ok” writer, but lacked some skills such as: organization, sentence variety, and vocabulary. Also, I did not like to write and had a feeling of dislike when forced to write. I felt like I improved on everything I wanted and was seen throughout the semester. I know how to organize my ideas, the worksheets given in class to work on sentence variety really helped, and vocabulary was built on some level. Building my vocabulary is still something I would like to improve on, as well as stronger thesis statements. The very first writing assignment, rhetoric analysis, …show more content…

I chose this writing assignment because I did not successfully address the prompt, and I feel like it is important I understand what really was being asked for this assignment. At first I was really overwhelmed because it was the first assignment and the process was confusing to me somehow at that time. When it came to rewriting, I re-read the prompt, notes, process done, and comments to see where I did not follow the process. I went back to change my arguments more into how this affects the audience. For strengths, my evidence is still strong, but as a weakness I still not a hundred percent sure it flows well. I felt like all the practices and processes were very beneficial to improve my writing skills. I will take all skills to English 5, but specifically Swales movement and Huckin’s methodology. These two made the most sense and really helped improve my writing. Sentence variety, for example, NPA will definitely be of use and I plan to use all sentence improvements for next semester. As a student in class I felt like I did really well. I really enjoyed the class, and learned something new every time. If I could change anything I would try to be more interactive in class and participate more. Also, I would have spent more time really looking into the different writing processes to really attack the writing style. Overall, I enjoyed the class and enjoy writing a lot more than I did

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