Reflective Essay On My Writing Process

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ENG-122 Reflective Essay My writing process has changed tremendously over the course of this class. I feel more accomplished, confident and I feel sometimes that my ideas and thoughts just come in to my mind out of nowhere and I start writing about anything now. I pay attention to my punctuation and grammar more as I have polished them more now, not only when I write but then others write as well. I am constantly looking for errors and I highly think this is helping me a lot in my career. The comments from my instructor, the online material, my research, the online writing center and comments from other students in the discussion boards have helped me so much to improve my writing skills. In the writing process, the step that I feel I have improved a lot is editing, as I am constantly reading my writings and editing them as I finish them, over and over again before I publish them. The steps in the writing process that I like the most are finding a topic in the Pre-writing step and Drafting. I like having a lot of ideas floating around and think about which idea is the best and the most exciting topic to talk about. Drafting for me is pretty similar, as also my ideas are coming into my mind at no speed limit and I try to focus in one at the time, at that moment, I am not thinking about …show more content…

My instructor Jennifer Jackson said this time “ Bravo! This is one of the strongest revisions I’ve seen yet.” This essay gave me so much confidence and made me feel I can actually write something interesting. Also, I sent my paper to The Writing Center, after I submitted my paper to my instructor to see any other mistakes I could have to improve my writing skills. I received a very good feedback from them after three or four days of submitting my paper, they said, “ my paper was pretty good. I needed to work on some minor mistakes such as spacing, omitting the work “that” when I did not need

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