Reflective Essay: My Writing Process

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Writing is a vital part of everyday life for most people, especially for college students. With writing comes a process. My writing process is my personal experience of what works for you when writing. Writing is unique to each person; everyone doesn’t use the same writing process or have the same writing skills. There aren’t any specific order or steps for a writing papers, but rather what works best for you to get the job done. My writing process consists of pre-writing/ideas, first draft, second draft/revising, editing/proofreading, and finally my final draft. To be honest, when I was growing up English was my favorite subject in school. I always felt I had so much to say and expressing it on paper was way easier for me verses speaking in front of people. In grade school, I was taught the bubble web prewriting process. I still use that process to this day to sort and organize my ideas. The center of the bubble is the main topic, and the smaller bubbles are supporting details of the main topic or subjects for the different …show more content…

I hate it! I have never been good at spelling, so the editing part takes a toll on me. I often confuse words that may sound similar, such as whether for weather. Punctuation is also not my favorite part of writing. However, I do learn different punctuation when I’m editing because I look up information to help me correct or add punctuation to my writing. So, there is a bright side to my bad spelling and punctuation. I can notice when something is missing in my writing, but sometimes I do not know exactly what it is. For instance, I will know that I need a comma, but unsure where to place it. When I’m editing my writing, I read in my head and then out loud. Sometimes I can hear an error before catching it while reading and that's something that I learned about myself along the way. I noticed that I make fewer mistakes and errors when I read my work

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