Personal Narrative: A Career In My Writing

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I can 't remember when I began writing as a hobby, but I 've done it long enough for it to feel like a part of me. Everyday, whenever I have time or am in the mood, I try to write something before I go to bed. Whatever that had been scratching at my brain, or something that I want to experiment, I write down before the thought becomes meaningless. Inspirations come from many different sources and at many different times of the day. Often times I find myself struck with an idea when I 'm outside, only to inconspicuously jot my thoughts down onto my phone. Then, when I get home, those thoughts transform into words. My writing doesn 't pry on my own intimate feelings, but rather on fictional adventures. I love writing stories, wild, crazy stories that I dream to be formed into a physical book and sold on shelves. There is not one subject matter that I focus on, but rather, I write about whatever calls to me. On my computer are many unfinished stories that will more than likely never be completed. In one, I 've created a sword-wielding protagonist that accepts the hero 's calling and begins her adventure. In another short piece, I wrote about a young woman in search of her place in the world. My mind, unable to remain still, jumps from one subject matter to another, and my writing reflects that. …show more content…

Writing is an incredibly powerful medium for self expression. It gives me a platform to convey what is on my mind, words that cannot come out of my own mouth, but can be written on paper. As an introvert who observes the world from a distance, there are so many thoughts that swirl in my head that I cannot bear to ever share with anyone. So many, that the only way they can come across perfectly, honestly, is through

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