Reflective Essay: Why Writing Is Hard

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I have always found writing hard but now I enjoy it more. I 'm not going to lie and say that it 's easy for me because it 's hard. I get lost with my thoughts a lot. What I say sounds way better then when I put it down on a paper. I have been wanting to write a small book of something. I lately I haven 't seat down to come up with ideas about a book. I write for course/assignments but since I been wanting to write a small book I also write for pleasure. I write when i 'm thinking of something just put it down in a paper my 9th grade english teacher told me. I 'm writing pretty often but it 's about something that I wanted to. It 's mostly about my course/assignments. I wish I was able to write about something that I enjoy. Since I write a lot for my course/assignments I do have writing assignments that I am most proud of. My 9th grade final research …show more content…

Since it was a big research paper for me, I had to revise it a lot. I actually like when I get to revise my work because other people get to give me their opeo about the topic that I have wrote about. It also has the potential to make my work better. I like to write about stuff that influences me the most and also the stuff that affects me. For the past two years, those two things have been politically topics. I been trying to get to write about other things but everyone that I look I see myself talking about my political view. Before that the thing that most influenced me the most was my classmates in high school. Since I went four years with them. I become close with some of them influencing me to write about more about myself, religion, and race. We had to turn in a free write for my 8th grade class each friday but I never did them. Like I said writing was hard for me. I think the reason being that I was able to read well so I didn 't have much to write about other than the stuff I heard. Even then, If I did write was wasn 't going to be able to read it. Now that I could do both better my doors have open

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