Personal Narrative: My Reflection Of My Writing

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As I began the journey of returning to school, one of my biggest fears, was the writing aspect in the classes. The fear of reading and writing has never been a strong quality; however, I have never able to successfully be creative in the way I learn. I understand my weaknesses and when I need to focus on my strengths. I am constantly learning new ways, skills, and tools to utilize to continue to grow as a writer. Focusing on my strengths allows me to have the security that I can be a good writer. I enjoy expressing my thoughts in writing. Furthermore, even if the topic is not a personal opinion, I like to embark on the subject with my person opinion, rather than just the content for a subject. Using this allows me a purpose for the writing, …show more content…

I have used and Smartthinking tools to grow my writing skills. Also using an informal outline to start writing has assisted greatly. has helped me grow my vocabulary and use better word choices. Smartthinking has helped me organize my ideas and has given me examples on how to improve. While these tools have been available and used, it has help enormously to simply practice, and practice actively. Whether I now focusing on my strengths or overcoming my weaknesses, the main and most valuable piece overall is I enjoying writing. I love the thought that my words and opinions matter. Moreover, my words and writing may not matter to a huge amount of people or make a difference in the world, but it does make a difference to me. I will continue to grow as a writer; however, I will have struggles and hardships that I will overcome. Learning new skills in writing has assisted in so many over ways than just writing for school, it has helped in my career. Writing is such a beneficial trait to hold. I plan to improve day by day. I have so many opportunities available and plan to use to my full

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