My Experience Of Reading And Writing In High School

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Reading and writing was one of my favorite activities to do as a kid, and it still is. Ever since I learned to read, I began to write short stories. Oh, how rude of me! I forgot to introduce myself. Hello Mr.Rase, my name’s Elena Serafimovski and I’m a writer in my junior year of high school. Writing is extremely comforting to me, I even find it therapeutic. As a young writer, I would write short stories on silly ideas like puppies or flowers because I enjoyed that. As I progressed through middle school, I picked up different styles of writing by reading books from various authors. The more styles of writing that I read, the more I wrote. I used to write about fictional characters and subjects. For example, I once wrote a small story on a girl moving in with her were-wolf stepdad. Over the years, I read more and more books which have changed my writing. I developed my own style of writing that I’ve learned to possess and I hope my ideas expand over time. I don’t recall where I got this inspiration to write because no one in my family likes writing. Actually, if I’m being honest, my family sucks at writing. I was never placed in any special writing classes, but only the standard classes for school. I joined Intermediate composition to excel in my writing for my future. From this class, I’ve broadened my vocabulary and found new ways to check my pieces that I have wrote. I could always use more work with grammar because I have always struggled with that concept. I came into

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