Middle school Essays

  • Middle School Narrative

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    I can’t wait to start middle school. Starting middle school can be overwhelming where three schools merge together but meeting new people is the only thing on my mind. Middle school is where you expand your group of friends adding more people or stay the same. So of course I stared expanding, gaining more friends but I guess I didn’t notice I was walking into something dark. I didn’t really notice that I was going into the wrong group. I thought they were nice people, always had my back, very

  • Middle School Narrative

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    Middle School Today is the first day of school with my new friends I met over the summer - James,Mike and Drake. We all met at a camp called “Camp Highwater”. It was one of the best camps you could go to and my friends would say the same as well. We met while playing four on four basketball. James,Mike, and myself (Fred) were all on one team, but we were playing against Drake. At first I didn’t really like him because he was destroying our team 19-6 and he had 12 of those 19 and of course I was

  • Comparison Essay: Middle Schools Vs. Middle School

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    Middle school was a interesting time in my life, much different from grade school for many reasons. Mainly, you had several teachers throughout the day. This was much different than elementary school going from one teacher to 6-7 different teachers a day. Another difference was that it was a mix between freedom but then at the same time, there was no freedom. This made me dislike middle school because they expected a lot more but didn’t allow you to do other things. Another difference between elementary

  • School Memories In Middle School

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    School Memories We stood with our arms outstretched as a lady measured us for a new school uniform; we were excited to begin our new and exciting life in Middle School – pinafore and all. I t was a sunny morning when I entered School after a long vacation. This was the beginning of middle school. The day was a bright and as usual we began with our routine chapel and then praying. Then we had our first session as the teacher read from the text we could hear huge noise made by people outside the school

  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Middle School

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    is one trip that I will never forget because of the laughs with friends and the surprise storm on our last night. Going into my 8th grade year, my youth group started the first annual canoeing trip for middle schoolers. My youth leader, Chuck, wanted to do something fun with us middle school kids so he came up with canoeing. We were originally going to canoe down the Niobrara River in Nebraska, but there were wildfires out there at that time, so we traveled up to Decorah instead. On the trip

  • Essay On Middle School

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    Middle school and lower school are different in so many ways. In middle school you feel more grown up and like you have so much more freedom In lower school you have to walk in a line, sit criss-cross apple sauce and you feel locked up and like you have no control. Middle school made me feel like I can learn but have fun while I learn. But it isn't all a pice of cake. In middle school we don't have recess. I loved recess becuase I could let all my energy out and see all my friend. I was really disappointed

  • Changes In Middle School

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    changed in high school the way that in middle school I really don’t like to be involved in any sports or even in student council, from last year I really don’t like any of those things, but now in high school is different. Now in high school I liked to be involved in something for example: sports. In high school is different because the way people changed. I remember when I was in middle school I just care about doing homework and don’t check about my grades, but now in high school I care about my

  • Life In Middle School

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    of transitioning from the middle school to the high school, I 've faced a lot of obstacles, came across many problems, and have gone through many phases. The main problem I’ve faced as a teenager is dealing with my social life. The problem most teenagers encounter in the middle school and high school years. The first day of middle school I felt mature. I didn’t want my parents to come to school with me like they when I was younger. All the older kids were at the school and I didn’t want to be embarrassed

  • Challenges In Middle School

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    During my first year of middle school, I faced an enormous challenge: being bullied. Prior to middle school, I had been bullied throughout elementary school. However, in middle, the stakes became higher and my stress levels became to the point where I wanted to be alone. This was a very frustrating challenge because I was always a very strong student with high grades. I was a great student, listening and paying attention, never got in trouble. However, when it came for wanting to help teachers and

  • Transition Into Middle School

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    As the readings so often portrayed, the transition into middle schooling can be quite a rough event for students. In fact, a study conducted by Waxman and Huang (1998) found that middle schoolers harboured the most negative classroom perception when compared with the views of elementary and high-school students. This semester’s readings have repeatedly shown that the more independent learning style of middle school can overwhelm students; in fact I myself remember being anxious about having to attend

  • The Middle School Model

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    is the middle school model. The middle school model allows for a smooth transition from elementary school to middle school. The model also takes into consideration the developmental needs of adolescents. The middle school model best fits the uniqueness of the young middle school learner. For many adolescents entering middle school is an overwhelming and anxious experience. It's a time of transition and offers a whole new learning experience that is very different from elementary school. Students

  • Middle School Transition Paper

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    I hope that the assumption that the middle schools of Blount County are under-performing is not being made based solely on a comparison with the high schools ' performance and the elementary school 's performance. That would be an unfair and inaccurate assumption if that were the case. The loss of achievement associated with school-to-school transitions from elementary school to middle school and middle school to high school is a well documented occurrence. Studies (Alspaugh,1998 & Rosenblatt,

  • Positives And Negatives Of Middle School

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    Middle school is the time in which many students begin to develop their attitudes and/or change their perspectives towards their education. This is a very crucial time for students, because their educational experiences (at this time) can impact their future educational attitudes and/or choices. For example, if a student at this time is neglected and often pointed out for their bad behavior, they would probably gain a negative perspective towards the education system. This negative perspective

  • Middle School Experience Essay

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    What was your own middle school experience like? What extracurricular activities were you involved in? In my opinion, I did not quite like the middle school I attended. However, I did meet some great friends that I am still friends with to this day. They did offer summer school for those who needed or wanted to attend. In my memory, I don’t recall the middle school I went to having any extracurricular activities that the students can participate in. I do remember, me participating in art, music

  • Middle School-Personal Narrative

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    excited I graduated but more excited for summer vacation and middle school. I will soon be walking the hallways and breathing the same air with all the preteens and teenagers! I was so ecstatic but then, my hand started sweating, my heart beat faster, and I began to feel nausea. I am no longer a kid? I am going to be in 7th grade, middle school? When I think of something bad all the bad thoughts start flooring in. Bigger kids, meaner kids, school fights, rumors, piles of homework, mean teachers, boy

  • Personal Narrative: Middle School

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    Middle school was an extremely rough time for me. I was bullied constantly. I was like the figurative punching bag of the school (I was never physically harmed). This eventually made me leave the public school system and go to a completely different Catholic High School. I picked the one High School in the area that nobody from my old school was going to. I completely left that and cut contact with almost everyone from there. I had to start completely new, I knew absolutely nobody. The school I

  • Narrative Essay On Middle School

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    “Do you have this in a size 14 for my daughter?”... “No more pizza! you’re fat!!”... “fatso!”. I wish I could say that it ended there. But it only became worse. The beginning of middle school is when people start getting meaner and meaner. One day, a boy was taking photos of everyone on the last week of school. He snapped 2 photos of me placing my bag on the floor, without me knowing. Later that night he uploaded them on

  • My Accomplishments In Middle School

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    I have never been a perfect student. I have had many shortcomings and struggles throughout my middle school years. Regardless of that, I’ve always tried to be the best student I could be. The thing that got me into trying even harder to maintain my grades was not my parents, but the stress that I had piled onto myself. Yes, my parents wanted me to achieve excellent grades, but it was mostly me who put the pressure on myself. Sometimes I would stay up late to finish an assignment and other times I

  • Personal Narrative: Middle School

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    Middle school was a tough time for me, but it was not always that way in the beginning. During seventh grade, I knew all of my classmates. While I was starting a new chapter in my life, it felt great to have all these friends. I never knew during that time that I would end up regretting that. Something changed one day in the middle of seventh grade and somehow I became the school's outcast. I no longer hung out or even talked to the same people. I turned into the person who was at the end of everyone’s

  • Middle School Concert Report

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    The performance was a silent reminder of my first and last year of middle school band. I attended the Middle School Band Festival performed by the 4 middle schools put into 2 groups. Newton and Powell Middle School performed first followed by a cooperation of Goddard and Euclid Middle school. The ensemble began to The performance was concert consisting of 4 songs per group with a total of 8 songs. The first 2 songs Semper Fidelis by John Philip Sousa, arranged by Paul Lavender and Mars by Gustav