The Middle School Model

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The ideal model of schooling for young adolescents is the middle school model. The middle school model allows for a smooth transition from elementary school to middle school. The model also takes into consideration the developmental needs of adolescents. The middle school model best fits the uniqueness of the young middle school learner. For many adolescents entering middle school is an overwhelming and anxious experience. It's a time of transition and offers a whole new learning experience that is very different from elementary school. Students are used to being with the same students and one main teacher throughout the day in a self contained classroom. The elementary teachers get to know the students very well and a safe and comfortable…show more content…
One of the many benefits of the middle school model is that being part of a team forms a bond between the teachers and students. “The team and their students truly become a community of learners.” (Kellough & Kellough, 2008, pg 8) In order for a team to be successful teams must provide tools to help students grow. (Erb, T. O, 2006, pg 5) Teachers get to know their students very well. Since students in middle school are going through physical, social, and psychological development that could affect their academic performance, it is important to have teachers who really get to know their students. Every learner has different needs and teachers need to take into consideration the individual learning needs of students in order to help them succeed. Since the four teacher share the same students they are able to discuss the needs of their student in order to develop strategies and programs that may help the student. This assures that no student falls through the cracks. There has been links to effective teams and academic performance. “Middle schools have successfully improved student performance when they have also had a common decision-making vision that led to creative, inviting, supportive, and safe school environment.” (Erb, T. O, 2006, pg 7) Getting to know students well and to take into consideration their needs as well as changes they are…show more content…
The middle school model uses various modes of instruction that benefit various of learners. The middle school model uses student centered approaches to learning. Inquiry learning and interactive learning are also emphasized in the middle school model. Differentiation is used to meet the needs of all unique learners. Cooperative learning, discussions, student inquires, and projects are used to meet the needs of auditory, visual, kinesthetic learners. (Kellough & Kellough, 2008, pg 12) The middle school models includes enrichment courses that are available to students. These allow students to have different learning experiences. These are useful for students to try different courses and help find out where their interests lie. Finally, the middle school model also focuses on physical education classes. These classes promote health and team building skills. Physical education classes can help students maintain a healthy lifestyle especially during the many changes they are experiencing during
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