Mullins High School Case Study

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Mullins High School, a beautiful 84-acre campus, is located west of Mullins, SC. Created in 1923, Mullins High, is one of the state’s first high schools to be accredited by Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). In 1981, the present building was completed. Students came from small communities within the city of Mullins and the town of Nichols. The majority of our students are underprivileged. The school’s ethnic distributions are 72% African American and 24 % Caucasian. Mullins High School is one of the three high schools of Marion County School District (MCSD). The Marion County School District was formed in 2012, consisting of the former school districts known as Marion 1, Marion 2, and Marion 7. The district consists of two primary schools, one intermediate school, three middle schools, three high schools, and early childhood center, an Academy for Careers and Technology, The Success Academy and the Adult Education Center. The School-Community relations vision and goals of MCSD have been established in July 2012 and all schools abide by the policies and procedures outlined in the Board’s policy manual. School is a part of the community and it has to have its own established lines of communication with the members of outside community, staff and student, legal and political organizations. This project …show more content…

Additionally, educators at this school include learning experiences that allow students to explore events, concepts, issues, and themes from multiple perspectives. The imperative aspect of the curriculum should be relevant to the lives of diverse students and should reflect their everyday aspects of life and daily experiences. As a principal, Mr. Stone, takes every effort, in constructing small learning environments, fostering continuous relationships between adults and students, and creating advisory systems for academic

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