Principal Miller Case Study

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1. What are the primary issues in this scenario and what information is Principal Miller likely to need in order to demonstrate appreciation for and sensitivity to the diversity in the school community?

The primary issues are the quality of instruction received by all students and Principal Miller’s lack of knowledge regarding the political, social, economic, and cultural context of the community. To gain a better understanding of the issues, Mr. Miller will need to collect and review data. Once this has taken place, Mr. Miller will need to select a decision-making model such as the Administrative Model, Incremental Model, or Mixed Scanning Model to follow.

2. What decision-making approaches could Principal Miller use to ensure the quality …show more content…

There is high risk with this model, however the degree of risk can be controlled by acquiring information on the probability of the selected alternative producing the desired outcome. Another option would be the Incremental Model. With this model, Mr. Miller would work with the faculty and other individuals to establish instructional goals. Mr. Miller could then return to the issues surrounding ability grouping to determine whether the decision would enhance goal attainment. Mr. Miller could also choose the Mixed Scanning Model. Using this model would allow Mr. Miller to review the mission of the school, determine whether ability grouping is aligned with the mission, and select an alternative that reflects the mission.

3. What action, if any, should Principal Miller take to demonstrate that he is an educational leader who treats people fairly, equitably, and with dignity and respect?

Following Standard 3, Principal Miller should involve families and other stakeholders in the decision-making process. Mr. Miller should select and utilize a group decision technique will allow the opinions of the groups of parents, as well as other individuals and groups, to be heard and present their point of …show more content…

What information sources and data collection, and data analysis strategies would you advise Principal Miller to use to ensure the quality of the decision and its acceptance?

I would advise Principal Miller to review the student performance data prior to his arrival to gain a better understanding of the possible areas of concern. Mr. Miller should form focus groups should to target any specific areas of concern and distribute surveys to the community stakeholders. Finally, Mr. Miller should have a face-to-face discussion with at least one randomly selected member of each stakeholder group. Though time-consuming, face-to-face conversations build relationships and provide for a greater understanding of the possible impact your decisions may have.

5. What action should Principal Miller take to ensure that the alternative selected will give consideration to the principle of effective instruction and will influence the implementation of a curriculum based on research, the expertise of the teachers, and the characteristics of a learned

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