Janet Oleszek Case Study

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Janet Oleszek is a Democratic candidate running for the Board of Supervisors for the Braddock district of Fairfax County. She has been living in Fairfax County since 1973, is an education advocate, and former School Board member (2003-2007). In 2003, she set a recorded in Fairfax County by winning 87,759 votes, which is the height so far achieved. Some of her opponents for the Board of Supervisors include the Republican John Cook who is the incumbent Supervisor. Some of the key issues she plans to tackle if elected are the environment, education, and transportation and Land Use Planning. One of the tasks that Oleszek’s plans to do is improve the education system in Braddock District. She has substantial knowledge of the education system in Fairfax County from previously serving in Parent-Teacher Associations at Bonnie Brae Elementary school and Robinson High Schools. She has also served as a School Board Member. As more and more people migrate/immigrate to Northern Virginia due to the attraction of the educational programs that it provides, it continues to …show more content…

There has also been housing construction without taken into account transportation infrastructure. On of the things Oleszek plans to do to fix this issue is linking land use plans with the state transportation. She also plans to establish a region wide plan to cover other areas. This will be done by bringing all members of our community together to work on this key issue. Many reasons to support these changes include how it will reduce traffic preventing street noises in residential neighborhoods, etc. However, not all residents are interested in living in a grid system. Building new roads and houses also has a negative impact on the environment which is something Oleszek is trying to prevent. Not only those but this issue would also need a large amount of

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