New York City Essays

  • Comparison Of Nightlife In New York City And New York City

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    How Nightlife In Spain Compares to that in New York City. New York City is known to be United States’ commercial capital and the headquarters of the United Nation. The city is very attractive particularly at night. It has fancy restaurants, clubs and the streets are well lit giving a breath taking scenery that will live you mouth open. Despite the glamour, you are warned not to give to strangers detailed information about your origin, destination or even residents as some marauding gangsters will

  • Urbanization In The New York City

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    New York City remains as the largest city of the United States, and to many it is considered one of the greatest cities in the world. Since its beginning as the Dutch settlement of New Amsterdam, the city has been challenged by the integration of millions of immigrants with a variety of cultures, languages, and different racial and ethnic backgrounds. This has not only defined the city’s rich history and diverse metropolis, but its contributions to the American way of life and culture remains relevant

  • Descriptive Essay About New York City

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    the most iconic place to visit you would most certainly hear the marvelous city called New York City. Also known as, “The city that never sleeps." The city 's population has 8.4 million people, and was founded by a man named Peter Minuit ( The state is ranked top 2 as a global power city in the world! The city has many iconic parts of itself that no other city can live up to the hype of New York. New York city is the best place in the United States to plan a vacation trip because of

  • Argumentative Speech: A Trip To New York City

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    Recently I went on a trip to New York City, and during the 4 wonderful days I was there, I came to realize two different things: one, the town in which I live, Elkhart, Indiana is a very boring city. In NYC everybody is so alive, so full of life. Every corner there is something to do, whether its waste all of your money at Dave and Busters, or just enjoy a few street performers flipping over people. There is no way to be bored in NYC. When you’re in Elkhart, there is literally nothing to do. That

  • My Experience Of My Life In New York City

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    I lived in the outskirts of New York City for the first seventeen years, eleven months, and twenty-three days of my life. I loved the enormous oak tree outside my house; the winding roads through my neighborhood in Valley Stream; the quiet moments when the lights went out on the train connecting Long Island to lively Manhattan; the tiled murals scattering the walls of subway stations; the indescribable energy of people bustling around Union Square. Underneath the colossal skyscrapers, I often felt

  • Visit To New York City Essay

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    A visit to New York City is an amazing experience for anyone. The atmosphere is completely different than the suburbs I’m so used to, which made all of the experiences even better. The memory is very vivid to me because of how fantastic the things to experience in the city are. The drive there from my suburban home was long, with not much to see as far as views on the way. I arrived at my hotel which was extravagant for just a hotel, with gold accents covering the entire foyer and sparkling clean

  • Personal Narrative: Walking Down The Streetss Of New York City

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    I can still remember my Spring break of 2017, walking down the streets of New York City. The lights, people, stores, restaurants, and even entertainment. Walking down these streets had left me speechless because I have never experienced something like that before in my life. It was definitely an experience and I feel like everyone should have the chance to visit the big apple! Taxi doors slamming shut, homeless people shaking their empty tins for money, and loud car horns are running through

  • The Melting Pot: Multicultural And Ethnic People In The New York City

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    New York is one of the most multicultural and ethnically diverse cities in the world and therefore many people consider it to be a great melting pot. However, considering the origins of the term “melting pot” this claim can be disputed. In his play The Melting Pot (1908) famous British author Israel Zangwill used the term “melting pot” as a metaphor to describe a fusion of nationalities, cultures and ethnicities. Even tough New York City is indeed very ethnically diverse, with respect to the actual

  • Differences Between Big City And New York City

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    Introduction New York City is the “Heart of the United States”; Hong Kong is the “Asia’s World City”. They are known as the most densely populated cities, which the density is 10,756 /km2 and 6,544 /km2 in New York City and Hong Kong respectively. Notwithstanding the crowded environment, there are still many people flowing to these two cities. According to Florida’s “Cities and the Creative Class”, a well-designed city attracts immigration of people. Why New York City and Hong Kong are that popular

  • New York City Popular Speech

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    Slang/ New York City Life and Popular Speech New York City Life and Popular Speech The hundreds, even thousands, of words and phrases of slang and other popular speech about life in New York, especially Manhattan, are a treasure trove of social and cultural history. A distinctive word culture of social life in the city flowed from the modern cycle of urban growth that started significantly in the 1840s. These words about the city, individually and taken together, retell in a new voice the

  • New York City Smoke-Free Speech

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    Good evening, I am Tsering Lama the Director of New York City Smoke-Free at Public Health Solutions. I am grateful that the Health, Education, Labor, and Pension committee is acknowledging our concern at this hearing. Our non-profit organization oversees programs in New York City that encourage communities to adopt a tobacco-free environment. NYC Smoke-Free at Public Health Solutions has provided higher standard engagement and educational resources among NYC communities for the past 20 years. Our

  • Woody Allen Film Analysis

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    First and foremost, Woody Allen is a New York citizen to the core. It is the only place where he can imagine existing (cf. Rothman 65). He could never leave the city for good (cf. Klein 83); he would miss his day-to-day- life including his favorite restaurants, galleries, and Monday performances with his jazz band. “The Manhattan he loves and inhabits, is a rather remarkable place: prettier, cleaner, more romantic and less dangerous than the city most people know” (Klein 84). His films take place

  • My Little Bit Of Country By Susan Cheever

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    the central park in New York. Susan Cheever tells the readers about her many good experiences in the central park as a child and how attached she was to the park. Nevertheless, to Cheever’s disappointment her family decides to leave central New York for an area outside New York called Westchester. However, this didn’t stop Susan Cheever’s relation to the central Park, she started to visit the city by any given chance. When she got her own children, she raised them in New York. Susan Cheever’s kids

  • Pretty Little Liars Character Analysis

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    Whereas Pretty little liars be placed in a little town called rosewood that’s filled with mysteries, Friends is set in a very out in the open big city named New York. So as viewers we can see that the settings of these shows are very different. The settings give a sense of how the characters act in each show. In PLL the characters give a sense of always being under stress and uptight with one another. Friends characters gives the sense of love and portray a sense of normal everyday obstacles that

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of New York

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    Project New York was explored by the Dutch in 1609, and was originally called New Amsterdam. It’s site contained many advantages to the inhabitants. ‘The sheltered, natural harbour formed by the Hudson and East Rivers provided a safe, deep anchorage. There was an extensive waterfront for the development of docks.’ So as you can see from this quote, there were no problems related to water supply and drainage as there were two massive water bodies in New York. Furthermore, the people living in New York

  • Essay On Hotel Loyalty

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    The Most Generous Hotel Loyalty Programs for Business Trips in New York City Every year in the US alone people make about 488 million business trips. An impressive number heads to New York City, the third most visited business travel destination in the US. Can New York City accommodate all these millions? Yes, it can! Moreover, besides doing business in New York City and napping in luxurious hotels, you can continue to earn and redeem your loyalty points by staying at the hotels with the most generous

  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To New York

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    Prior to my trip to New York, I never had the urge to travel or realized just how large of an impact it can have on you as a person. It allows one to see people and places never seen before, and it can teach valuable lessons while exploring parts of the world that are not seen routinely. This trip to New York was embarked upon by myself, and my two roommates Lee and Igor. What I learned from this experience is that I strive to be very successful with money, while giving back to the economy and to

  • Chrysler Building Architecture

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    The Chrysler Building in New York Always looking towards the stars, the people still build very high structures. Almost three times bigger than the Great Pyramid of Giza the Chrysler Building is the 65th biggest skyscrapers in the world. According to the American Institute of Architects “the Chrysler Building is a classic example of Art Deco architecture and considered by many contemporary architects to be one of the finest buildings in New York City.” It stands 319.5 meters tall and is the highest

  • Hamlet Movie Vs Movie Analysis

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    The setting of the movie is the first obvious difference that can be seen. The movie was set in New York City, New York in 2000 while the play was set in Elsinore, Denmark in the late middle ages. This greatly affects the way the movie is viewed because it is essentially an entirely different world. In the movie there are video cameras, cars, phones and skyscrapers, all things that obviously weren’t around during Shakespeare’s time. Even if the movie and the play had been based in the same year,

  • Cloverfield Movie Analysis

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    going away party. During the party, New York City begins to start having mysterious earthquakes and power outages. The entire movie follows the group of friends as they try to get to their friend stuck in her apartment building, and then getting out of the city while trying to avoid whatever is terrorising the city. 10 years later, The Cloverfield Paradox was released. This movie is meant to be the prequel to Cloverfield and sets up how the entire incident in New York happened. Within the movie we see