New York City Essays

  • New York City Skyscraper

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    New York City is steeped in the history of the skyscraper. Since the completion of the 348-foot World Building in 1890, the love affair The City has had with iconic buildings has spanned over a century. With man’s desire to reach unyielding heights brought into view an ever-changing skyline. The World Building (348 feet) Since 1890, eleven structures have been cataloged as world’s tallest building. From the 1910s to the 1930s, 16 of the cities tallest buildings were built: the Woolworth, Bank of

  • Urbanization In The New York City

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    New York City remains as the largest city of the United States, and to many it is considered one of the greatest cities in the world. Since its beginning as the Dutch settlement of New Amsterdam, the city has been challenged by the integration of millions of immigrants with a variety of cultures, languages, and different racial and ethnic backgrounds. This has not only defined the city’s rich history and diverse metropolis, but its contributions to the American way of life and culture remains relevant

  • The Slums In New York City

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    The Harsh Life of the Slums in New York City During the end of the 19th century, there were a lot of economic and social problems between the government, rich, the poor, and businesses. The poor received a lot of those problems. Some of the problems were poor work conditions, child labor, and unsanitary living conditions that might have caused an increase in crime and drinking. The rich and government did not acknowledge those problems about the poor. Thus, come upon the Progressive era. The Progressive

  • Blizzard In New York City Essay

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    The Blizzard in New York City has reached almost a record level when it was measured on Saturday that the snow dumped 26 inches. The 26 inches was the equivalent of a whole winter season 's snow. Unfortunately, as of this weekend in New York City, three deaths have been counted because of the blizzard. Roads are shut down effective 7:00 AM Sunday morning. This affects all New York City roads. The shut down also includes bridges and tunnels. The Long Island Rail Road, above-ground services and

  • The Importance Of Public Safety In New York City

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    minutes, compared to 6.9 minutes in 2007 in New York City, an increase of 31 percent (NY Post),” and this does not include the time between placing and answering calls. The massive increase in response time is threating the safety of the residents of New York City, and while the government is introducing new plans to help alleviate the problem, their solutions are not working. Public safety is a public good; it is non-excludable because everyone in the city is theoretically guaranteed help from public

  • New York City Ballet Research Paper

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    New York City Ballet was founded in 1948 by George Balanchine and Lincoln Kirstein. Kirstein’s goal was to create a place for young dancers to train in American ballet with the greatest ballet masters. They met in London in 1933, where Kirstein encouraged Balanchine to come to America. They opened the School of American Ballet in 1934, before starting the professional company. It was designed as a way for Balanchine to train dancers in his innovative style and technique. They wanted dancers who

  • My Experience Of My Life In New York City

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    I lived in the outskirts of New York City for the first seventeen years, eleven months, and twenty-three days of my life. I loved the enormous oak tree outside my house; the winding roads through my neighborhood in Valley Stream; the quiet moments when the lights went out on the train connecting Long Island to lively Manhattan; the tiled murals scattering the walls of subway stations; the indescribable energy of people bustling around Union Square. Underneath the colossal skyscrapers, I often felt

  • Reconstruction Scandals: Boss Tweed In New York City

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    began his rise to influence in the late 1840s as a volunteer fireman in New York City. From this inauspicious beginning, Tweed managed to build a power base in his ward. He served as an alderman in 1852-53 and then was elected to a term in the U.S. House of Representatives, 1853-55. State and local affairs were his prime concern and he remained active in Tammany Hall, the organizational force of the Democratic Party in New York. Tweed emerged as the focal point of patronage decisions, giving him immense

  • Louise Nevelson New York City Essay

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    shared by the feminine and masculine social expectations and associations within her work. New York City did not just gave Louise Nevelson the opportunity to inspire from the Abstract Expressionist that was a “cross-fertilization had been essential to her development as an artist”, but also the architecture of the city as a source of inspiration. (Lisle, 129). Nevelson always mentioned the impact of New York City as a megapolis on her large scale works made in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s. For instance

  • Visit To New York City Essay

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    A visit to New York City is an amazing experience for anyone. The atmosphere is completely different than the suburbs I’m so used to, which made all of the experiences even better. The memory is very vivid to me because of how fantastic the things to experience in the city are. The drive there from my suburban home was long, with not much to see as far as views on the way. I arrived at my hotel which was extravagant for just a hotel, with gold accents covering the entire foyer and sparkling clean

  • Personal Narrative: My Life In New York City

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    foul smoke crowds the air I start to see tolls ahead, excitement crowds my head because what I’ve always dreamed of was a few miles away. The thought of having to pay to get into a city made me realize I am no longer home in my small town. Suddenly I hear horns and yelling they can be heard from miles away “this city is so aggressive” I say to my boyfriend. Next left Verrazano Bridge a sign say’s, cruising at a speed of 15 mph the suspense of seeing skyscrapers and much more await me. Coming over

  • Sociological Imagination: Homelessness In New York City

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    such as moving to a new country or smaller, more common circumstances such as, growing up in a military family. Even if someone thinks that they haven’t had anything alter their life, they probably just haven’t took the time to reflect and realize that they have. My senior year of high school, I had the opportunity to take a five-day trip to New York City, New York. I had never been to New York or to any big city for that matter. I knew that I would see and experience a lot of new things in just five

  • New York City Immigrants

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    Long before New York City got its name, “The City that Never Sleeps”, immigrants viewed the city as the beacon of hope that inspired the “American Dream”. The once desolate harbor would soon be home to a total of 8.406 million people from all over the world. The city would and continues to build itself from the ground up, with the help of the past settlers, the many immigrants who worked to provide for their families, and the tourists that crowd each borough. Of course New York City wouldn’t be

  • Homelessness In New York City

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    In New York City, domestic violence is a driving force in homelessness. This is especially the case among women and children. According to Steven Banks, the commissioner of the city’s Human Resources Administration, “the city has a gap in services for several years” (Stewart, 2015). Currently New York City 8,800 provides shelter beds and transitional apartments for victims of domestic violence (Stewart, 2015). There has been no addition in bed in homeless shelter for domestic violence victim and

  • Classical Gentrification In New York City

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    sectors, working to tandem to achieve the sought city change. Gentrification in NYC’s Brooklyn neighborhoods, were welcomed by increasing the cost of rent, and the intentional inhumane living conditions encouraged by landlords. As residents began to become more vocal of the adversities facing them, news’ outlets began to research and report on their findings. Dated back in 2012, the Huffington Post reported: …while the median rent in New York City rose 75 percent between 2000 and 2012— an increase

  • New York City Ballet Analysis

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    New York City Ballet: Moves On March 12th through the 13th the New York City Ballet preformed their forgoing show, Moves at Christopher Newport’s Ferguson Center of the Arts. The New City Ballet is one of the cutting edge American dance companies of this generation. Founded by Lincoln Kirstein and George Balanchine in 1946 this company has been dancing strong for 70 years. “The foremost creative ballet troupe in the world” announced by the New York Times. The first performance piece was “Hallelujah

  • These New York City Pigeons Analysis

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    animals which always represent peace and clam. However, pigeons in Jayne Cortez’s poetry “These New York City Pigeons” are “special”. Pigeons living in New York City are different from the pigeons in any other places which have a happy and relaxing lives. They live in the “prosperous” city and breathe the ammonia fumes in air. “These New York City pigeons” was written by Jane Cortez after she came to New York City. In the poem, Cortez used contrast, symbolism and repetition to reveal that urban life makes

  • Essay On New York City Earthquake

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    notable for its incongruity: it was one of the most powerful to hit New York City in decades, and yet it caused little damage. The likelihood of an earthquake in the New York metropolitan area has been assessed as ‘‘moderate’’ (Tantala, 2008, p. 812). However, New York City has experienced already three earthquakes and what are going to be the odds for another earthquake happening soon. According to Tantala (2008), although New York City is a region with low seismic hazard (infrequent damaging earthquakes)

  • Traffic Congestion In New York City

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    Traffic congestion is an integral part of New York but whether or not its effects are generally beneficial or harmful is debatable. It has a number of negative effects on New York and the health of its inhabitants. However, it is beneficial towards the economy to a specific level. Over time, traffic accumulation can have a number of impacts on the world. To fix this issue, many places have enforced different types of regulations that can positively change New York if applied. To a certain

  • The Role Of Suicide In New York City

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    Living in one of the most crowded places, you would expect the suicide rates to be higher in New York City as opposed to other cities in the world. New York City has an astounding rate of 8% suicide rate per 100,000 people. Then there is Las Vegas with a surprising 34.5% suicide rate. Shouldn’t New York City, one of the most stressful cities to live in have a higher suicide rate? But why doesn’t it, you may ask? Emile Durkheim, a Functionalist has expressed his thoughts within his book, Suicide.