Nt1310 Unit 6

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1. What is the issue that the author(s) of this chapter has presented? The issue the author presents in chapter nine focuses on who should receive special education services and how should educators identify which students are to receive special education services. 2. Are there issues that are raised in the chapter that are not specifically addressed by the authors? If yes, what are they and why do you think the authors did not address them directly? One issue raised in chapter nine that are not specifically addressed by the author relates to funding. According to the author, when P.L.-94-142 was enacted in 1975, individuals in the field of education were excited that students in need of services would receive the support they need. Additionally, individuals in the field of education were excited that this law would also ensure that money was provided for these services. I believe the author did not address this issue directly because the topic of federal funds is beyond the scope of her research. Although we can have opinions on federal funding, there is not as much that can be done about it, which is why I think the author did not address it. 3. Why do the authors consider the issues they do raise to be ones that has not been “solved” by the field of special …show more content…

The author explains that multiple means of data collection must be used to identify students. Additionally, assessments tools used by educators must be reliable and valid. Furthermore, educators need to frequently gather data on students who are considered at risk several times per year in the areas of reading and math. The author further explains that a team of educators should identify evidence-based instructional strategies the general education teacher should apply before making a special education referral for services. Finally, the author states that data should be collected to determine if the student is responding to

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