Nt1310 Unit 5

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All projects must come to an end and that is the time when it is handed off to the client for their responsibility. For this project there was some road blocks encountered when I was getting to the final stages of the project. I can see how scope creep can extend the timeframe of a project or even derail it completely. This report will describe the timing and extra procedures it took to finalize my project and complete it on time.
I planned to have the exit meeting on Monday the nineteenth of October but received no response from the client. I understood that he was out the week before for business and then vacation, so I waited for his response. I already provided the documents to him through email so it was a matter of us meeting together to discuss the results. I managed to talk with …show more content…

The first being an open source non licensing product, the second was a licensed product, the third was a hardware device, and the last was to utilized oracle encryption. I performed an exhausted review of each product and talked with company employees and vendors that utilized these products to come to my conclusion. Each one had their own cost structure and none were close in pricing to each other. The cost was not the main factor in my decision because the company didn’t have a budget to adhere too. How I did come to my decision was by factoring in the cost, time to implementation, resources needed, and the flexibility in adapting the product to company changes or enhancements. I broke down each methodology to provide the resources involved, time to implement, and licensing fees to show an estimate on how much each one would cost the company. In addition, I knew growth is in the future plans of this company so I wanted to make sure the product I recommended was scalable so they would not have to spend more money in years to

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