Nt1320 Unit 6

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1)Campaign Campaign is when a person who holds political offices goes to different place giving their ideas and opinions about subjects hoping to gain the favor of the people. 2)Poll Poll is something that is used to determine how much support a person in political office has. Or how much support a person in a political office has lost. 3)Reapportionment Reapportionment is when a political office person has been reappointed to their current office holding. Answer the following questions in complete sentences in your own words. List your sources for each answer. Submit the questions with your answers. 4)What is the role of the polls in an election? How do they influence the final outcome? Polls can tell a candidate where they have the most support. Also, which states they need to work harder in to receive support. Polls can influence which candidates are most likely to be picked by a party. Also, which candidate is most likely to get elected. 5)What controversies are there in regards to campaign funding? Give some real examples and why they are controversial. …show more content…

When major companies give a lot of money to a campaign they can feel like that candidate owes them something. They feel like they should have a say or that they are owed favors to because of the money they gave. I believe that sometimes if one person donated a million dollars to a campaign that would get them favors in Washington to a degree if that person is elected. I do think there should be limits on how much a single person can donate to avoid things like this. An example, would be the 1996 U.S. Campaign finance scandal. It was a scandal because of funding to the Clinton and Gore re-election from the People's Republic of China. It was said that this was the Republic of China's way of influencing United States

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