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  • Construction Hazards In Construction

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    Health and Safety Degree: B.S (hons) Environmental Sciences (8th Semester)   Construction Hazards Introduction Construction work involves a large number of labors. Different types of work being carried out simultaneously in any constructional site and nature of hazards also varies with the type of activity being carried out; as hazards are inherited to workers in any constructional work. Workers in a construction site exposed to various hazards (Physical, Chemical, Ergonomic and Biological). Safety

  • Importance Of Construction In Construction

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    INTRODUCTION Construction projects consider being successful on the basis of objectives i.e. completion on time with desired quality, within cost and safety is prime requirement. There are many components of a construction project like material, labour and equipments etc. and we can work hard on each to prepare a strategy to achieve these objectives effectively also add value to organisational goal with the complementary functions of time and cost as now a day’s best way to minimise the cost is

  • Construction Claim In Construction Industry

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    CHAPTER – 1: INTRODUCTION 1.0 Background: India is a developing country. The construction sector of India is growing rapidly. There are many ongoing Infrastructure projects in India of Billions of Dollars where the delay or stoppage of work due to any reason cannot be acceptable. In this rapidly growing construction industry many times claims arise between client and contractors. Construction Claim can be defined as a request by either party to the contract, usually the Contractor, for compensation

  • The Construction Industry

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    MASONRY Construction industry is booming and resource generating field. Construction activities have a significant impact on the environment throughout the life cycle of development. Development of the construction project inherently contributes to the economic and social development and enhancing both the standard of living and quality of life. Construction industry is one of the largest consumers of both renewable and non-renewable natural resources. The materials selected for construction determines

  • Disadvantages In Construction

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    fade into history. An industry that still has manual labor at its core, but has the potential to be updated, is the construction industry. Working in the construction industry involves completing many physical and excruciating tasks, for example, laying bricks, poring concrete, operating machinery, and lifting heavy objects. While all these examples are very common in the construction industry, why do they have to be completed by humans? Human’s have the ability to design and create robots that assemble

  • Role Of Construction

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    the construction is a process that construct a building or infrastructure. According to the Malaysian Industrial Classification (MIC) 1972 stated that construction is also define as new construction, alteration, repair and demolition. The installation of any machinery or equipment which is built-in at the time of original construction is included, as well as installation of machinery or equipment after original construction but which requires structural alteration to install. Construction is further

  • Importance Of Procedures In Construction

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    Quality Procedures for a Construction Project Construction companies and construction projects needed internal procedures and processes to perform professionally. The procedures and process description documents is considered a company’s asset. A quality management system is essential for complex and larger infrastructure projects like hotels, commercial buildings, rail or Airports, Highways, and aquatic Projects etc. The quality construction procedures are adjusted according to the contractual requirements

  • Variation Order In Construction

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    Construction projects always are subjected to changes due to any factors in terms of scope of work, material quantities, design errors and unit rate changes. The changes on the construction project seem like an evil that makes the work delays, time overrun and also cost overrun. However, variation order does not really an evil but it is some necessary which is needed in construction projects. This report covers the introduction to the variation order in basic knowledge, causes and impacts of variation

  • Causes Of Noise In Construction

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    in construction work at bukit setiawangsa, kuala lumpur Introduction Noise is an ‘unwanted sound’ that can be considered as environmental nuisance. Nowadays, noise from construction works is not a new thing. People had been acknowledge that construction works will cause disturbance in term of noise to them, but only temporary. Compared to other industry such as industrial industry or transportation industry, they will produce noise permanently, as long as they operating. But construction noise

  • Essay On Building Construction

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    International energy agency has indicated that huge amount of money needs to be invested in Building construction sector as shown in Figure. 1. In which cumulatively residential and service building holds about 29.16 % of the total investments. There is a need to adopt green construction to reduce the demand and dependency on non renewable power supply. The investments should be concentrated on development and promotion of green technologies [2]. Power consumption can be reduced by proper orientation

  • Method Statements In Construction

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    Introduction For best practice, construction method statements are an essential component at different stages of the projects. They are prepared by the contractor and sub-contractor with no standard method statement format. ‘Each individual preparing a method statement will have a personal interpretation of what is required, but the main thing is that the job is that the job is thought carefully and safe and efficient method of working is determined. ‘(Brian Cooke, 2009) I’ve decided to take a look

  • Disadvantages Of In-Situ Construction

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    the cast in place or in-situ method, over the years popularity for precast technology in the Indian construction community has grown widely. India is not new to the precast technology. It has been used in India but has been mostly restricted to civil structures such as tunnels, bridges & flyovers. However, adoption of modern and innovative construction techniques and practices by the Indian construction sector was little as compared to the other conventional methods and therefore precast , though widely

  • Safety In The Construction Industry

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    Construction is one of the most dangerous working sectors due to its complex tasks and activities. In the construction industry, the safety performance has been improved over decades world widely. Myers (2003) brought forward in his research that health and safety is being identified as a crucial business performance topic. The risk or chance of an accident in the construction sector is really high due to the fact that more than one task and multiple specialised trades work simultaneously on a construction

  • Causes Of Delay In Construction

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    Chapter 2 LITERATURE REVIEW A number of studies have been conducted to identify the causes of delay in construction projects. “Ravisankar et al. (2014) studied about the quantification of delay factors in the construction business. The aim of the paper was to find the top causes of construction delay and their effects. The research mainly focused on literature review and a questionnaire survey. Using the Statistical software Statistical Package for the Social

  • Hazards And Hazards In Construction

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    associated with construction sites are well known – most responsible employers are aware of their duty of care to employees, visitors, and those that may be affected by their activities, and will manage the site effectively, implementing appropriate accident prevention measures. Risk assessments are carried out by management to identify hazards and risks posed. Listed below are just a few of the main hazards that are encountered on a typical construction site: Working at Height The construction of buildings

  • Sustainable Construction Materials

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    research will be “an experimental investigation of sustainable construction materials (made by using of local available waste products) in construction”. The concept of Sustainable buildings/Green building construction materials has gained rapid momentum in the past few years in the world, many environmental policies and laws are in favour of sustainable development and introducing sustainable materials in green building constructions. Most of commercial, residential green buildings have come up with

  • Contractors In Construction Work

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    out the actual construction work. Normally, the contractor was hired by the client to carry out the work under term and subject to the goal, quality and cost provision determined by the later pursuant to a contract (Ntiyakuma S.K 2011). Therefore, the contractor is fully responsible for undertaking the project work within time, cost and quality stipulated in the contract. Conflict that cause by the contractor are the poor coordination of sub-contractor, inappropriate construction method, contract

  • Roles In Construction Project

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    detailed estimates to ensure the budget is sufficient for each stage of construction. Their main task is to find out what a construction project will cost, including materials, labour, and services. (4) Site Engineer Site engineers perform a technical, organizational and supervisory role on construction projects, setting out and determining the location for above and underground infrastructural installations involved in construction operations. Site engineers apply designs and plans to mark out the site

  • Sustainable Construction Material

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    American Institute of Timber Construction states that timber frame is a modern method of construction using standardized, prefabricated timber wall panels and floors commonly in use in many developed countries. It is commonplace in wooden buildings from the 19th century and earlier. The method comes from making things out of logs and tree trunks without modern high tech saws to cut lumber from the starting material stock.The use of timber framing in buildings offers various aesthetic and structural

  • Essay On Construction Building

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    1.1 GENERAL Buildings and houses are one of the oldest construction activities of human beings. The construction technology has advanced since the beginning from primitive construction technology to the present concept of modern house buildings. The present construction methodology for buildings calls for the best asthetic look, high quality & fast construction, cost effective & innovative