Construction Essays

  • Type 2 Construction

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    Everywhere we go we see many different types of building constructions. Throughout the years construction workers have been finding new ways how to make an incredible structures or households. We are seeing new configurations on buildings that look very nice, especially the fancy hotels. Although many firefighters have been keeping a close eye how construction workers are constructing a building. Many firefighters have lost their lives because of building collapse or because the building losts

  • Change Order In Construction

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    written agreement between the owner and the general contractor to change a building or other construction contract. Change orders add to, delete from, or otherwise alter the work set forth in the contract documents at the time that the construction contract was made. As the legal means for changing contracts, change orders are standard in the construction industry. A change can occur at any stage of a construction project. According to Thomas and Napolitano [2] and Ibbs [3], causes for change orders vary

  • Historic Building Construction

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    the design principles of historic buildings for designing a compatible building. Compatibility should also involve analysis of how these design principles are used in the neighborhood and how they can be interpreted using today's materials and construction techniques. In some cases, compatibility is not that much considered especially for the rooftop extensions due to building character, function, history and neighborhood. These issues should be considered in the design of new rooftop extension for

  • Importance Of Speed In Construction

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    incentive. It is also known that if a project is delayed, it results into cost overrun as time overrun is said to be directly related to cost overrun. Hence, in both conditions, speed has a cost. But discussion is not limited to this cost. For speedy construction, one has to invest more on materials, labour or on technologies and this can be considered as cost of speed. This cost goes on increasing in case there is a large gap in the supply and demand. Recently concluded

  • Essay On Sustainability In The Construction Industry

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    Sustainability within the Construction Industry How can the construction industry meet its environmental and social responsibilities as well as increasing profitability? The industry is constructed of skilled workers who are involved with production, development, planning, designing, constructing and maintaining the built environment. This also includes the manufacturers and suppliers of building materials as well as customers and end use inhabitants (Building Research Establishment, 2018). Sustainability

  • Human Liability In The Construction Industry

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    fade into history. An industry that still has manual labor at its core, but has the potential to be updated, is the construction industry. Working in the construction industry involves completing many physical and excruciating tasks, for example, laying bricks, poring concrete, operating machinery, and lifting heavy objects. While all these examples are very common in the construction industry, why do they have to be completed by humans? Human’s have the ability to design and create robots that assemble

  • Goals Of Sustainable Building Construction

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    Since the beginning of mankind on earth Building construction has had very big direct and indirect impacts on the environment, on society, and the economy. The field of sustainable design has got the aim of balancing the needs of these areas by method of creating designs that helps environment society and economy. The main goals of sustainable design are to reduce wasting of critical resources like energy, water, land, and raw materials; prevent environmental facilities and infrastructure from

  • Essay On Road Construction

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    equipment, which will be looked at in greater detail in this assignment. The construction management of roads has become increasingly more difficult as larger structures are constantly being required in increasingly short amounts of time. A good stretch of road will require sufficient drainage, good time and space management, and of course a huge emphasis of the safety aspect of the structure. It is up to the construction manager to make sure all these objectives are achieved, as well as trying to

  • Pros And Cons Of Mil Mill Construction

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    Properly built and maintained, mill construction can be a structure that fires can be brought under control before the building is involved in the fire (Brannigan & Corbett, 2015). Unlike mill construction, buildings of ordinary construction are plagued with void spaces that are inherent parts of the construction. Like buildings of ordinary construction, heavy timber buildings may suffer the same disadvantages of having unprotected void spaces. This is due to there design as well as old mill buildings

  • Nt1310 Unit 3 Construction Analysis

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    Vision Seer Construction Consulting wants to make big, complicated construction projects small and simple, with a structural approach to undertaking a spectrum of jobs, small to large, from inception through to completion. We take out the guesswork and the stress of construction work, so you can focus on what matters most to you. Leave the construction process to us, and we guarantee a project completed beyond your expectations. We want to give our clients relief from the stressful, and seemingly

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Technology In Construction Industry

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    Introduction: The term 'advanced development technology ' in construction industry covers an extensive variety of present day techniques and practices that envelop the most recent improvements in materials technology, design methodology, amount studying, offices management, administrations, structural examination and design, and management skills used in construction industry. Technological advancements in different fields such as medical industry, business industry, electrical engineering, mechanical

  • Easter Island Construction Research Paper

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    Construction projects are all around us, whether it be your house, or the building you work at, even canals and statues are construction projects. Each construction project has a purpose, a meaning behind everything. Take the Panama Canal for instance, it was made for ships to get to get from one ocean to another without the trouble of going around South America. Also, take Easter Island’s one and only moai, a structure of art that puzzled millions to this day not know how or why the ancient people

  • Social Construction Theory

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    across a variety of system levels, it is also entrenched with social constructions of various groups in our country. Social constructions, in short, are our perceptions of a target group created out of our social, political, and cultural interactions and experiences of the group in question. Instead of solely focusing on “how” policy forms and the changes, Social Construction Theory (SCT) seeks to explain how social constructions of certain population groups influence the relationship of the very

  • Donald Trump Case: California And Nationwide Construction Loan

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    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (San Diego, CA) California and Nationwide Construction Loans predicts a building boom for residential construction loans in the event Donald Trump wins the upcoming presidential election. Trump would create jobs and reduce regulation when it comes to mortgage and construction loans for residential new home construction. Individuals looking to obtain home improvement loans, new construction loans or loans to purchase a residence need to recognize the impact a Trump presidency

  • High Quality Project Management Institute (PMBOK)

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    1.1 Background of the Study Projects, especially in the construction industry have become very dynamic and complex which has resulted stakeholder and team orientation become an emergent development (Turner, 1999; Winch and Bonke, 2002; Hoezen, 2012). Teamwork had been widely implemented to meet customer’s high expectation and to compete in modest global environment. Mohrmar et al. (1995) expounded team deployment is an essential element in an organization and a highly effective teams have proven

  • Lake Champlain Bridge Project Case Study

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    1. The construction process necessary for the demolition and rebuilding of the Lake Champlain Bridge crossing Lake Champlain from Crown Point, NY to Addison VT in 2011 was quite a process and was interesting. The process included having VTrans and NYSDOT working together as co lead agencies under an agreement between the two states. NYDOT was responsible for progression of the bridge project and the costs were shared proportionately between the two states. Strategic demolition on parts of the bridge

  • Evolution Of Architecture

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    While this is all true, the positive factors far outweigh the negative factors. Alternatively, American lives have been affected positively because of the many opportunities architecture and the construction of railroads offered. In fact, many job opportunities also became available in the careers of construction and architecture. From the article of railroads,“Not only did the railways provide greater opportunity through extending markets, they also stimulated more people to start businesses and thereby

  • Construction Of Childhood

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    I agree with the statement that ‘childhood is a social construct’ rather than a biological stage of development. A social construction is used to describe something that is created by society. It differs from place to place, culture to culture and time to time. Childhood is seen as a social construction as there is no ‘fixed’ experience of childhood, the perception of what a child is ought to be or even who a child is constructed through cultural and social practices. These cultural factors do influence

  • Timber Frame Advantages And Disadvantages

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    American Institute of Timber Construction states that timber frame is a modern method of construction using standardized, prefabricated timber wall panels and floors commonly in use in many developed countries. It is commonplace in wooden buildings from the 19th century and earlier. The method comes from making things out of logs and tree trunks without modern high tech saws to cut lumber from the starting material stock.The use of timber framing in buildings offers various aesthetic and structural

  • Measuring Project Success

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    essential in order to assess project outcomes in construction industry. Assessment of project data in a common language can lead reconciliation between various project participants. Meanwhile, measuring project success provides comparison between different project outcomes. In Turkey, there is no standardized method for measuring project success. Therefore, this study intends to look other countries ' standard terminology to evaluate construction project data. The research has been made to determine