Nt1330 Unit 3 Lab 1

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Goals of the Lab This lab has many different overall goals that are meant to introduce us to the challenges and procedures of building a preliminary enterprise environment from the ground up. Each task has it’s own set of goals that expose us to important areas of system administration in this type of environment. The lab first introduces us to installation and configuration of an edge routing device meant to handle all internal network traffic between devices, and allow access out to an external network, in our case the Internet. The lab then introduces installation of an enterprise Linux distribution, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, which will be used as the main Linux based server in our enterprise environment. We are then introduced to installation of a Wiki …show more content…

If your business is mainly served to your customers through a web interface, it is incredibly important to respond to web server outages, as every second costs the company more and more money. With a monitoring solution implemented and efficiently monitoring your web servers, and notifications properly configured, a system administrator can respond to outages in a timely manner, and save the enterprise precious capital. In the context of my lab, the pfSense gateway, the Wiki server, and Nagios all utilize web interfaces that can be monitored, and are being monitored by Nagios. Another important service to monitor in and enterprise environment is SSH (TCP port 22). In most instances, a system administrator will be accessing and configuring devices on the network via SSH, and in some cases, if SSH is not accessible the administrator can be completely locked out of a server or network device. In the context of this lab, all devices are accessible via SSH over the internal, so I have implemented necessary monitoring using Nagios.

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