Nt1310 Unit 3 Experimental Studies

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1. Describe the study design (is it correlational, experimental, survey research, etc.). The study is Level 3, experimental. The participants are within subject design experiences because since the subjects were divided into two groups by gender. The video fluoroscopic assessment was given to 30 volunteers. Each participant was studied sitting down. Different lateral images of the mouth, pharynx and proximal esophagus were taken. The different oral movements have been observed and timed such as the tongue tip movement, hyoid movement, onset and offset of the esophageal sphincter. The results were based on the rate of given bolus seen on the images from the videoflouroscopy. 2. How did you determine which design was used? The design was determined …show more content…

What were the variables? The independent variables are the male and female gender. The dependent variable are the dosage of bolus given. 1. What were the results? Were they statistically significant (i.e., p0.20) What was the clinical importance of the results? Report the effect size if included in the study. The results are based on the effects of the age, volume, consistency and gender on the duration of the swallowing assessment. The clinical importance of the results showed the difference in timing and how the diameter of the pharynx between male and female can affect the result of swallowing. 1. What did the researchers conclude? Researchers conclude that the are differences in swallowing between male and female, with female having a longer oropharyngeal transit than male for a 5-ml bolus. 2. What are the implications of these results for communication disorders? Since the participants were asymptomatic, the duration results and images might be different for those with swallowing disorders. 3. Discuss any threats to internal validity. (if this was an experimental design) What were the main limitations or biases in the study? There were no threats to internal validity. The bias in the study is the gender of the

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