Nt1330 Unit 1 Case Study

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1. Identify drives to which the databases and/or logs will be backed up, ensuring that there is enough disk space to accommodate the backups for the retention period that you choose. 2. Identify drive that will be used for data or log files. These will usually be on SAN storage and hence on a different drive from the operating system and SQL Server installations. Decide which folder will be the primary location for data files: you will need to specify this during the installation. If you are installing Analysis Services, identify drives that will host the data and log files for the cube(s). Create dedicated service account for each of the service to be installed. Ensure that these accounts are not member of Local Administrator because it will give unnecessary rights to these accounts. Note: for the purpose of this tutorial I’m using local system accounts as a service start-up accounts. …show more content…

4. Choose the port number for you SQL Server installation because common TCPIP ports 1433/1434 ports are well known and are common target for hackers. Therefore it is recommended to change default ports associated with the SQL Server installation.The Installation Wizard runs the SQL Server Installation Center. To create a new installation of SQL Server, select the Installation option on the left side, and then click

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