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  • The Importance Of Security In Information Security

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    Security is the most important part of information exchange and data storage in any network. Especially in today’s world when education, business and all other transactions are spreading over internet technology, security is an important concern where there is always a high demand for efficient and effective encryption algorithm. There are many predefined algorithms like AES, DES, IDEA, RSA etc.. But as the levels of security increase the time, speed and complexity also increase thus, reduces their

  • Information Security Objectives

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    3.1 Information Security So many cybercrime that could happen in every company or organization by cyber criminals. They could do anything to our important information like manipulate our system and important informaton, steal sensitive information to get their own profit or steal our identity to get bank account if our security isn’t strong enough. So information security is a thing that must be considered. Information security system has three fundamental objectives that is : - Availability To

  • Essay On Information Security

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    Abstract: Information security management systems include procedures to systematically protect a company’s data. The main aim of information security is to proactively stop security breach before any threat arises to the company’s data. Threat can arise in many ways. Since most of the process has become computerized it is very easy to lose data due to carelessness, Also there are hackers who steal others data for their purpose. Also sometimes data can be lost due virus and many other critical issues

  • Computer Security: The History Of Information Security

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    Introduction : The history of information security begins with computer security . The need for computer Security — that is, the need to secure physical locations, hardware, and software from threats. Despite the fact that information security plays an vital role in shielding the information and wealth of an organization. we habitually hear news about the security incidents, such as mutilation of websites, as well as server hacking and data escapeing.The organizations require to be entirely thoughtful

  • Information Security Importance

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    Information security plays an integral role in the protection of data and other assets of an organization. Despite its integral role, we often hear of information security concerns and incidents. These incidents include hacking, data leakage, wiping of information, stealing of information as well as altering sensitive data. These incidents lead to a number of devastating effects such as sensitive information getting in the wrong hands or company espionage. For this reason, organizations need to understand

  • Information Security Assignment

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    1.1. SECURITY The protection of information and information systems against the attacks such as unauthorized access, misuse, modification and deletion of information. There are several types of security i.e., information security, computer security and network security.  Information security includes those measures necessary to detect, document, and counter suchthreats. Information security is composed of computer security and communications security.  Computer security includes the collection

  • Prescriptivism In Information Security

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    context of IS security. A model of ethical thinking in organizational context is developed, problem areas and hypotheses are identified and preliminary solutions are presented. The model is applied to a pervasive computing security scenario where it reveals key problem areas that are ad-dressed with the help of the awareness approach and the preliminary solutions presented. Keywords: Ethics, information systems security, awareness I INTRODUCTION A. Security in pervasive computing Security has been defined

  • Importance Of Information Security

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    Importance of Information Security The importance of information security should be a top priority for all organizations whether private or government sector, because the society as we know it is already at the stage where majority of information is accessible online or in process of being converted for only online access. Physical data and information storage are becoming a thing of past, requiring us as a society to start thinking beyond physically securing the information. The old way of security is obsolete

  • The Pros And Cons Of Information Security And Cyber Security

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    result in breaches to data security and sabotage. Personal data, intellectual property, physiological harm are easy targets. for a data security breach. Attacks can result in commercial losses, disruption of operations and the possibility of extortion. Cyber-attacks may also expose an organization to regulatory action, and damages can occur from loss of trust among customers and suppliers. It is thus important to understand information security, system and cyber security so that we can take necessary

  • The Importance Of Information Security

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    In the fast growing field of information, there ought to arise critical issues which can hamper the integrity of the stored information. Information Security is one of the major critical issues in the field of information. Data privacy and security risks are increasing for every company or institution. It is agreed that new technology brings great mobility and innovative opportunities, but also increases the risk of data breaches, theft, hacking, and internal fraud. Some of the common threats today

  • Ethical Issues In Information Security

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    fact that nowadays information plays a major role in supporting an organiza-tion’s business operations and facilitating all kind of processes in order to be achieved a competi-tive advantage (Posthumus and von Solms, 2004). Thus, information security has always been an essential key piece of the organizational management. As a systematic process, the goal of infor-mation security management is to adequately handle information security risks in the organiza-tion. While information is valuable and critical

  • Why Is Information Security Important

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    Information transmission and exchange over shared channels such as Internet, Intranet…etc, becoming a more necessity for all fields in our daily life. It is therefore possible for any user to intercept the sensitive data that is transmitted over the shared channel. So information security and data encryption are becoming more and more important. Information encryption techniques have been an important and active research area from ancient time to nowadays, which involves a number of applications

  • Advantages Of Information Security Auditing

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    potential threats to their information security (IS), are increasingly interested in high level security of it. One of the best ways to estimate, achieve and maintain security of information is an Information Security auditing. Auditing is a complex and many-stpes process involving high-qualified experts in IS, what makes it a quite expensive process. There are many types of audit, including certain security standards (e.g. ISO 27K) compliance audits. Generally, information security audit is conducted in

  • Computer Security: The Five Components Of Information Security

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    2.1 Security According to (Whitman, 2011), Security is a act to be protected from adversaries. There are some layers of security : - Physical security - Personal security - Operations security - Communications security - Network security - Information security 2.2 Information System Information System defined as a system of information in the company that is used to retrived and manage data to produce a useful information to support the company, employees, customers and all associated company

  • Information Technology Security: The Importance Of Cyber Security

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    1.0 CYBER SECURITY Cyber security is also known as information technology security with the main focus of protecting the data, program, networks and computer from any unintended or unauthorized access, change or destruction. This situation is known as cyber attack.Cyber attack usually created by irresponsible people either individual or in group in order to satisfied their need. This cyber crime can be classified into three categories. The first categories is when information and communications technology

  • Information Security Case Study

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    1. Introduction Information security "a well – informed sense of assurance that information risks and controls are in balance" Jim Anderson, inovant (2002). Its means protection of information and its critical elements, including systems and hardware that use for, store and transmit information. The history of information systems security being immediately after the first main frames were developed in the past the system was very risky because the system controls was limited access, no safety

  • Importance Of Information Security Management

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    Information Security Management process is the centre for all security issues inside the organisation. Its mission is to produce the policy for information security. Such policy covers all issues regarding the uses or misuses of IT services and respective systems. Today’s IT environment covers many services and technological solutions. Hence it is difficult for one document, i.e. policy to cover all the necessary issues. The information security policy could be the core document which comprises specific

  • Information Systems Security Case Study

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    Requirement 5: Information Systems Security FSIBL thinks they are not facing any threat, but are concerned about the following threat a. Phishing b. Ramsonwar c. SQL injection d. Application report malfunction e. Data anomalies f. Report Program bug 5.1 Threats to Information Systems The five threats to the information system that can affect the systems negatively are described below- There are many known and unknown threats for the IS of FSIBL. So for precautions and possible preventions knowing

  • The Pros And Cons Of Advancements In Information Security

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    The advancements in information technology (IT) have raised concerns about the risks to data associated with weak IT security, including vulnerability to viruses, malware, attacks and compromise of network systems and services. Inadequate IT security may result in compromised confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the data due to unauthorized access. It is important to ensure the individual privacy remains carefully protected and secured. What is information security threat? A threat is

  • The Five Pillars Of Information Security: Federated Identity Management

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    Federated Identity management Introduction One of the five pillars of information security is identification and authentication. Identification is a process in which users claim an identity in the network or system, authentication is a process in which a system or network ensures that users attempting to gain access to the network or system are really who they claim to be. Recently many organisations require business-to-business collaboration. One of the solutions that enable this collaboration