Nt1310 Unit 1 Case Study Answers

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1. Antibody immunity uses B cells to secrete antibodies. The antibodies are circulated through the plasma cells in the body and bind to the transplant. They then attack the transplant because they see it as a foreign body. Cell-mediated immunity also works to attack the "foreign body" but is uses T cells that are directly attached to the transplant. This eliminates the infected cell" before it has time to multiply. (Alberts, B. 1970)

2. Your immune system is constantly working to fight off foreign invaders. The body recognizes its own cells from foreign cells by protein markers or antigens. As the B and T cells form the can tell the difference between your own cells and foreign cells. B and T cells help form a memory for your immune system. …show more content…

An Autograft is a graft taken from one part of the patients own body and placed on the part of the body needing a graft. There is no risk of rejection with an Autograft because the cells are your own and not seen as a foreign object. An Allograft is a graft from a cadaver a donor from the same species that is harvested in a tissue bank. When using this graft the patients immune system must be suppressed to further prevent rejection of the transplant. Allograft. …show more content…

A skin cell gun uses the patients own skin cells mixed with a water base solution. This is very interesting because it remind me of a paint gun. The mixture is sprayed onto the burned area instead of using a graft. Bachai, S. (2014, April 09) To me this is extremely helpful for second and third degree burns because it seems easier to apply than a graft, much less maintenance, no rejection because it is your own stem cells, and the healing time is much faster.

5. Scientist are working on a way to end the need for organ transplant all together. They are using gene therapy to generate stem cells at the site of the damaged organ. This would use the patients stem cells to regenerate the organ while still in the body. It is currently only being tested on mice. Connor, S. (2013)

6. I think the fact that a patient can use their own stem cells to heal is an amazing concept. It makes for a faster healing process, much less treatment than all the follow ups that are needed for grafting, and possibly less painful. If I needed this treatment I would definitely consider using stem

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