The Importance Of Professional Judgement

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Language: the language that teachers use has to be high level, which conveys a sense of professionalism that is honourable, moral and dignified.
Professional judgement: the teacher should be able to place the needs of the students at the center of professional judgement. The teacher should be aware of his/her individual values, personal experience, commitment to authenticity, decision-making processes and work towards providing sound judgement. There is a school of thought which says that judgement grows with time and implies knowledge and wisdom, that teachers’ judgment improves with time. However, it is essential to ensure that all teachers possess a significant level of professional judgment. Judgement can be honed over time but there needs
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It is a fact that when taking decision individuals are guided by their own values and beliefs. Taking decisions that are right and correct demand that the teachers engage in deep reflection and keep in line ethical standards.
Knowledge: Knowledge is necessary to inform professional judgment in practice. Teachers should engage in dialogue, reflection and collaboration to develop, and enhance their knowledge. It is essential to become ‘reflective practitioners’ as this will help to identify and affirm values and beliefs.
Resources: A teacher needs to be resourceful. It is essential for teachers to be able to devise his/her own resources to make teaching and learning an engaging process and to prevent monotony from setting in. At the same time, it will allow teachers to cater for mixed ability
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Commitment to ongoing learning is also recognised as an essential element. Teachers should be passionate about, not only student learning, but their own personal growth and professional development.
Freedom and social justice: Respect for personal rights and freedoms, as well as for culture, human rights and dignity are essential elements that need to be present in daily practicum.
Respect: Teachers should honour human dignity, emotional wellness and cognitive development of students. In their professional practice they model respect for cultural values, social justice, confidentiality …….
Trust: Teachers’ professional relationships with students, colleagues, parents, guardians and the public are based on trust.
Integrity: Teachers are honest and reliable and engage in continual reflection to enhance their professional development.
Care: Teachers express their commitment to students’ well-being and learning through positive influence, professional judgment and empathy in
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