Essay On Teacher Professional Identity

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This essay will explained the kind of teacher professional identity promoted by SACE and COTEP under the pillars of curriculum 2005 and NQF forming part of the white paper 1995 in redefining identity and difference in the education system after 1994 and it will also discuss how this identity did not and could not match the realities on the ground. Professionalism is the personal effort to act in a job that reveals fitting attitudes, behaviors and practices of the job. In teaching these attitudes may be: “having specialized knowledge which is the content knowledge and the ability to teach were teachers gain this on a lengthy period of higher education which is a four years to obtain the B ed degree were in the lengthy period teachers in the making learn to focus client interest maintaining a high level of responsibility learning and obtaining the ethical code of conduct” (SAIDE, 2010). By producing good quality results a teacher will be showing professional skills. Professionals require considerable freedom or autonomy to make judgments because they have to draw on knowledge based skills It is also showing that you believe in being professionally autonomous while accountable to the standards of you practice by having professional control over the credentials and the entry to teaching” ( SAIDE, 2010). This falls under the four years of learning to becoming a professional teacher. The 1995 white paper acknowledged that an essential task of the new government was to redefine identity …show more content…

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